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Voters rate political corruption as America's biggest crisis

Scott Rasmussen on

Fifty-three percent of voters believe political corruption is a crisis in the United States, while another 36% believe it is a significant problem but not a crisis.

That's consistent with other ScottRasmussen.com polling data showing that 87% of voters nationwide believe corruption is widespread in the federal government. Solid majorities believe there is also corruption in state (70%) and local (57%) government.

The belief that our nation has a political corruption crisis is shared by 53% of women, 52% of men, 51% of white voters, 55% of black and Hispanic voters, 54% of rural voters, 53% of suburban voters and 52% of urban voters. This is truly an issue that cuts across partisan and demographic lines.

In fact, given a list of 10 challenges facing the nation, political corruption was rated as a crisis by more voters than any other issue. Forty-three percent consider illegal immigration a crisis, 40% say the same about government deficits, and 39% believe global warming/climate change is a crisis.

The ScottRasmussen.com national survey also found that 33% consider poverty a crisis, 30% say the same about racism, 29% believe the student loan debt is a crisis, 27% think that describes economic inequality, 22% believe it applies to overregulation and 18% to sexism.

Recognition of political corruption as the nation's biggest crisis shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering the ongoing political debates. On one side, many voters believe that President Donald Trump was elected to clean up the swamp. On the other side, many believe the president is more corrupt than other politicians.

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But the perception of political corruption as a crisis goes deeper than attitudes about the president:

-- A majority of voters (54%) believe it's likely that their own representative in Congress trades votes for cash.

-- Just 23% believe their own representative is the best person for the job.

-- Two-thirds of voters (67%) believe that big businesses and government regulators often work together to create rules that are harmful and unfair to consumers.


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