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Not every problem needs a federal solution

Fifty-five percent of voters believe that Facebook has too much power. Forty-seven percent believe the same about Twitter. For those in the political world, such numbers represent an obvious call for government action.

But voters disagree. Just 21 percent want the federal government to regulate social media giants.

That gap is partly due to ...Read more

Protesting during the national anthem, freedom of speech and justice

Sixty-nine percent of voters nationwide believe freedom of speech is "absolutely essential." Another 23 percent believe it is "very important." In a deeply polarized political era, it's encouraging -- and amazing -- to find that 9 in 10 Americans recognize this basic freedom as being so important.

However, agreeing that free speech is important...Read more

Most Recognize That Tech Titans Have Bigger Impact Than Presidents

Following the national news about the upcoming midterm elections, it's easy to believe that the future of the United States is on the line. The nation's political junkies get so caught up in the game that they forget there is much more to governing society than government.

The reality is that culture and technology lead the nation forward; ...Read more

On the eve of the fall campaign season

While political activists have been caught up in the 2018 midterm elections for most of the past two years, most Americans haven't been paying attention. That will begin to change after Labor Day as people who don't obsess about politics begin to consider the choices before them.

Because so many people are just starting to get engaged, it's ...Read more

The Senate Protects Our Freedoms

Based upon census bureau projections, 69 percent of all Americans are projected to live in the 16 largest states. Given the uncertainties of predicting how people will live in an era of self-driving cars and other cultural changes, the precise numbers may be a bit off. But, it is certainly true that a handful of large states will hold the bulk...Read more

The culture leads, not the Supreme Court

Just about every American election year is peppered with quotes from seemingly very serious people claiming that, for some reason, this is the most important election of our lifetime. This year, we're also being told that the political battle to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may be the most important confirmation vote of...Read more

Is Populism a Blessing or Curse?

As we celebrate our nation's 242nd birthday, America is caught up in a populist moment. Whether this is a good thing or not depends largely upon how you define populism.

For some, populism is nothing more than a belief that, in America, the people are supposed to be in charge. It's reminding government officials of the timeless principles ...Read more

The Immigration Mess

Problems with U.S. immigration policy played a big role in the 2016 presidential election and are likely to do so in election after election until significant changes are made. It's a serious issue worthy of substantial public debate. However, what passes for a public dialogue on the issue is anything but serious.

It is, for example, ...Read more


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