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What If Roy Moore Wins?

When Donald Trump appointed Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General, it was widely assumed that his permanent replacement would be a Republican. But the scandals and allegations surrounding Republican nominee Roy Moore have challenged that assumption.

It would be a stunning turn of events for a Democrat to win in a state ...Read more

Democrats have a clear path to Senate majority in 2018

Until recently, it looked like Republicans were almost certain to retain control of the U.S. Senate following the 2018 mid-term elections. Many commentators noted that Nancy Pelosi's team might have a shot at winning control of the House. But the Senate was different. Only a third of the Senators stand for election each cycle and the GOP was ...Read more

Will Trump become fourth consecutive president to lose Congress?

Tuesday's election results suggest that Democrats have a reasonable chance of winning control of the House in 2018. If that happens, Donald Trump would become the fourth consecutive president to enter the White House with his party in control of Congress and then lose Congress during his tenure.

In some ways, this seems to be the new normal. ...Read more

America's founding ideals are worth fighting for

These are tough times to be optimistic about America. Terror attacks in New York City, mass shootings in Las Vegas and campus violence against targeted speakers fill the news. Rather than addressing the problems, partisan politicos act as if each tragedy is merely a platform for their own talking points.

Despite this, I am optimistic about ...Read more

Freedom of Speech Does Not Guarantee Understanding

Daily Beast columnist Jay Michaelson is unhappy with America's football fans.

In a thoughtful column, he argues that "kneeling for the anthem is a sign of respect, not disrespect, for our country and the values it stands for." He adds that "To protest -- for whatever cause, left or right wing -- is to make real the best ideals of America: ...Read more

Trump Proving Politicians Not As Important As They Think They Are

Shortly after World War II, Congress passed a law requiring the federal government to assume responsibility for managing the economy. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy claimed that government stewardship was responsible for the post-War economic boom. In those heady days, there was even talk about how economists had learned to fine-tune the ...Read more

The gun control debate is not about guns

Every time a horrific event like the Las Vegas massacre takes place, it is followed by a frustrating and futile debate about the merits of gun control. People on both sides of the debate trot out talking points and talk right past each other without listening.

Much of the frustration comes from the fact that everybody would like to do something...Read more

That helpless, hopeless feeling

Horrific, sickening and tragic are just a few of the words I've heard used to describe the news from Las Vegas. But none of them really capture the reality that such acts are utterly beyond comprehension. As I write this, official sources are still looking for a motive, but no rational motive can possibly exist. Whatever made the killer take 59 ...Read more

There is no proper mix of government, community and business

I grew up in suburbia, and have spent various parts of my life in small towns, a Southern city and in rural Indiana. Moving may be a hassle, but new experiences in new locations provide wonderful opportunities to learn and explore. That's certainly true as I adjust to life in New York City, a vastly different environment than anything I've tried...Read more

There's more to governing than government

There is a mistaken notion deeply embedded in our national political dialogue that society is naturally divided into public and private sectors. The public sector is thought of as the vehicle for governing society and looking out for the common good. The private sector is where people merely look out for themselves.

Not surprisingly, this view ...Read more

The Freedom To Walk Away Holds Politicians Accountable

This weekend, the Rasmussens are moving to New York City. While the process of moving is horrendous, the thrill of anticipating a new chapter in our life is exhilarating.

Moving to a new home is an all-American activity. Roughly one out of nine people do it every year. Many stay within the same state, but we'll be among the nearly 5 million ...Read more

The Deeper Currents of American Politics

Back when I was a pollster, I would explain that following the daily polls was like watching a heavy rainfall on the surface of a river. There's a lot of action and noise and splashing around, but nothing that gives you a real sense of where the river is going. For that, you must look beneath the surface where the current keeps moving steadily...Read more


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