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What voters would include in comprehensive immigration reform

For many years, political leaders from both major parties have dreamed of "comprehensive immigration reform." The core idea has always been some sort of grand bargain that legalized the status of many illegal immigrants in the U.S. along with improving border security.

However, the idea always faltered in the court of public opinion because ...Read more

Elite Opinion Standing in the Way of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On Sunday, a group of migrants near Tijuana, Mexico, rushed through border fencing and attempted to enter the United States near San Diego. Tear gas was fired by Border Patrol agents, and most of the migrants turned back. A few dozen were arrested. Pictures and online videos showed children clinging to adults fleeing the scene. Massive media ...Read more

Enjoy Thanksgiving, avoid politics

For those who live and breathe politics, it's hard to let go after the intensity of an election. Months and months of addictively following every hint of breaking news or analysis gave way to often raw emotions as the votes were finally counted.

I speak from personal experience. After every election, my wife says it takes about a month for me ...Read more

Election 2018 in context: A political system out of sync with the nation it's supposed to serve

In the wake of Election 2018, analysts have delved deeply into a seemingly limitless supply of data points to explain the details of what happened. What role did suburban women play? Or health care? Was there a Kavanaugh effect?

This obsession with details may be causing us to miss the bigger picture of what's going on.

Donald Trump became the...Read more

The election's over -- now what?

It was almost unsettling to wake up the morning after the election and realize it turned out pretty much as we expected. There were, of course, some individual surprises, but nothing on the seismic shock scale of 2016.

For months, it had been expected that Democrats would win a modest House majority, and they did. The popular vote margin for ...Read more

The midterms are all about turnout

As Election Day approaches, expectations are pretty much where they've been for the past six months. In the Senate, Republicans are more likely to gain seats than lose the majority. In the House, Democrats are favored to win control, but it may not be much of a "blue wave."

These general expectations have remained fairly stable because the ...Read more

Which Team Will Be the Lesser of Two Evils on Election Day?

For the past two years, many Democrats thought that victory in 2018 would simply be a matter of running against Donald Trump. The only question in the minds of some activists was how big the "blue wave" would be.

For those in the party, opposing the president seemed to be enough. Two-thirds of Democrats (64 percent) believe that Hillary ...Read more

The culture is powerful enough to fix our broken political system

I've spent a lot of time over the past few years reminding everyone who would listen that the culture leads and politics lag behind. For me, that's an encouraging perspective. It would be beyond depressing if our nation's fate were determined by the agendas of our political leaders.

I'm with the 91 percent of people who believe that ...Read more

Fortunately, our society is not as polarized as our politics

In the wake of the politically toxic dialogue of recent weeks, it's refreshing to note that 63 percent of voters recognize that American society is not as polarized as American politics. Most understand that who we are as individuals and communities is much more than our political affiliations or ideologies.

Still, the impact of our broken ...Read more

On health care, voters want more choice and less politics

Polls consistently show that health care is one of the top issues on voters' minds heading into the midterm elections. It's a powerful issue because it impacts everyone so personally and can have enormous consequences.

At first glance, the opportunity for political action seems clear. Just 34 percent of voters rate our health care system as ...Read more

Will the booming economy save republicans in the midterms?

Democrats need to win a net 23 seats in November to gain majority control in the House of Representatives. History suggests that they have a good chance of doing so because the party out of power almost always gains seats in the midterm. Even an average midterm gain would be enough to make Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House. ...Read more

Allegations against Brett Kavanaugh fail to move public opinion

Despite enormous media coverage and intense discussions in official Washington, the allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have had little impact on public opinion (so far).

Before his confirmation hearings, a ScottRasmussen.com survey found that 48 percent of voters wanted their senator to confirm Kavanaugh. After ...Read more

Not every problem needs a federal solution

Fifty-five percent of voters believe that Facebook has too much power. Forty-seven percent believe the same about Twitter. For those in the political world, such numbers represent an obvious call for government action.

But voters disagree. Just 21 percent want the federal government to regulate social media giants.

That gap is partly due to ...Read more


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