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Census citizenship question is lose-lose issue for Democrats

It's not clear if President Donald Trump can win the legal battle to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, but he's already won in the court of public opinion.

A ScottRasmussen.com poll found that 73% of voters nationwide believe it is appropriate for the U.S. Census Bureau to ask residents whether they are citizens of the United ...Read more

The Noble Ideals of America's Founding

Amid the fireworks and cookouts, America's birthday party is infused with the inspiring rhetoric from our nation's founding document. The Declaration of Independence reminds us that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with "certain unalienable rights." These include "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Many Americans ...Read more

There's a lot to celebrate on the Fourth of July

Sixty-six percent of Americans believe that the Fourth of July is one of our nation's most important holidays. To celebrate, 62% of Americans will watch fireworks, 54% will enjoy a cookout with family and friends, 19% will attend a parade, 13% will go to the beach, and 11% will sing patriotic songs.

Only 6% will read the document that started ...Read more

The Democratic presidential debate will shake up the race

The Democratic presidential primary debates are scheduled to begin next Wednesday and Thursday, with 10 candidates competing each night. Joe Biden enters the debates as the nominal front-runner, followed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. There's an excellent chance that things will look much different ...Read more

The twin pillars of health care reform are pretty clear

Seven out of 10 voters rate their health insurance coverage and the medical care they receive as good or excellent. Despite that, only 34% give our nation's health care system positive reviews. Not surprisingly, therefore, health care reform has consistently been a top voter concern election after election.

Broadly speaking, voters have two ...Read more

It's More Than the Economy

For more than a generation, James Carville's campaign maxim, "It's the economy, stupid," has been held up as an essential truth of American politics.

There's no denying that a strong economy is an incumbent president's best friend. Seventy-three percent of voters currently rate the economy as a very important issue. As a result, if the ...Read more

Our nation to seize the opportunity and create a better health care system

There was a time when health care technology meant expensive new machines that only hospitals could afford. The costs were so enormous that only insurance companies could pay for their use and insurance bureaucrats only grudgingly allowed people to get needed tests and treatment.

Today, however, tech is putting health care tools in the hands of...Read more

Could we wind up with a four-person race for the Democratic nomination?

From the moment former Vice President Joe Biden threw his hat in the ring, he has been the dominant front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. That status was confirmed in the most recent ScottRasmussen.com poll of the race, showing Biden with 39% of vote and a 19-point lead.

His nearest challenger -- Sen. Bernie ...Read more

Will a growing economy get Trump reelected?

When it comes to the economy, 37% of voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats. A ScottRasmussen.com survey found that 26% hold the opposite view and trust the Democrats more. The rest either don't trust either party (18%), trust both equally (10%) or are not sure (9%).

On the one hand, these numbers aren't all that surprising. In ...Read more

It was a good week for Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden officially entered the race for the White House and instantly became the Democratic front-runner. He got a modest bounce in the polls and now leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by a 33% to 16% margin among Democrats. Nobody else is even in double digits.

Biden's 17-point lead over Sanders is up from the 11-point lead he ...Read more

Voters rate political corruption as America's biggest crisis

Fifty-three percent of voters believe political corruption is a crisis in the United States, while another 36% believe it is a significant problem but not a crisis.

That's consistent with other ScottRasmussen.com polling data showing that 87% of voters nationwide believe corruption is widespread in the federal government. Solid majorities ...Read more

Why Trump keeps winning on the immigration issue

President Donald Trump's proposal for sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is supported by 46% of voters nationwide, according to a ScottRasmussen.com national survey. Fifty-four percent are opposed.

Despite this tepid support, raising the issue is likely to benefit the president's reelection prospects. That's partly because it's an ...Read more


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