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We can still show mom our gratitude

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

This will be a Mother's Day like no other.

Locked down. Zoom-centric, maybe. Minus the brunches out, the picnics in crowded parks. Absent the big gatherings. In some cases, hug-less, hard as that is to imagine.

No Mother's Day crafts coming home from school. No misshapen ceramic knickknacks from first grade art classes, the ones that linger, and are loved, and become the stuff of family lore and laughter.

There is ample worry, grief in the worst cases, and fear and frustration.

But we will still celebrate. In new ways. Focused on the good, the positive. Just as mom would tell us to do if it was our day turned upside down by things we can't control.

Live in the moment. Be grateful.


That's the gift that matters, unaffected by closed shops or longer-than-we're-used-to shipping times: gratitude.


To the mothers who are doctors and nurses, risking all to help others in a time of crisis, working and working and working, blue masks tight below tired eyes still filled with compassion.

To the mothers behind the doctors and nurses, the techs and administrators, the coordinators and cooks and cleaners and cops.


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