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Trump's vile tweet shows he's an abnormal president

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

July 26, 2017: "Here is one reason the transgender ban needs to be enforced. Stop burdening tax payers with your mixed up gender identity problems."

If someone on the internet wants to express opinions that I view as anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, sexist, racist and transphobic, that's that person's right. If that person wants to share a video that shows Trump whacking Clinton with a golf ball, I would think it's unfunny and makes light of violence against women, but it would still be that individual's right.

But what about when the president of the United States, the person whose job it is to represent all Americans, shares the video and, in doing so, embraces the person who holds those opinions? That's a problem, and if you can't acknowledge that -- if you can't denounce it on its face without qualification -- then you're no better than the troll whose tweet that Trump shared.

Some -- mainly men -- will laugh off this video. Remember back when we heard the audiotape of the president saying of women, "You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy"? We were told that's just "locker-room talk."

So some will call the golf video a joke. They'll say those of us offended by it should lighten up.

And you'll hear me say: Nope. Not going to happen.

Because it isn't normal for a president to share that kind of imagery. It isn't acceptable, and if you think it is, please tell me how you would've responded if President Barack Obama retweeted a video that showed him knocking Nancy Reagan over with a golf ball.

I'm a nobody, but please tell me what you would do if I tweeted a video that showed me swinging a bat and hitting First Lady Melania Trump in the back with a baseball.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was appropriately denounced for sharing a photo of herself holding a decapitated and bloody Trump head. It was unfunny and disgusting. If Trump tweeted a photo of himself holding a decapitated and bloody Clinton head, would his supporters be equally outraged?

We shouldn't need to ask these questions. We shouldn't need to have these conversations. And I shouldn't feel the need to write these columns.


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