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We don’t deserve dogs, yet they accept and adore us

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

If I had to choose between spending time with one good dog or five good people, I’d pick the dog every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

That may sound anti-social, but it’s a pragmatic choice, driven by data.

People, even the good ones, have more flaws than dogs. People, even the good ones, struggle to love without conditions. And ...Read more

America responds to protests & coronavirus by stocking up on guns

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

Faced with a raging coronavirus pandemic and widespread protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, Americans are doing what they do best: stocking up on guns.

Unlike people in other developed nations, we Americans hold dear the belief that there’s no tragedy, no societal shift and no moment of conspiracy-driven paranoia that ...Read more

As Illinois moves to phase 4 of coronavirus reopening, don’t think for a minute we’ve got COVID-19 beat

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

Call me a worrier, but I’ve never understood the aggressive push to “reopen” America in the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine, a reliable treatment and a universal commitment to mask-wearing and social distancing.

Whether here in Illinois, where political leaders have at least tried to follow the science behind the disease, or in states where...Read more

rump’s Tulsa coronavirus rally: Deep-fried hydroxychloroquine, a ‘Joyous Festival of Narcissism, Anger and Disease’

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

President Donald Trump is getting back to holding rallies, and his first Joyous Festival of Narcissism, Anger and Disease will be Saturday night in Oklahoma, a veritable “WHO’s Who” of who might get the coronavirus.

If you thought huge crowds of people gathering outdoors during a pandemic to protest systemic racism in America’s police ...Read more

Trump needs to attack numbers

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

As an ardent supporter of (our great) President Donald Trump, I say it’s high time he demand formal apologies from his two most notorious and dishonest critics: numbers and words.

Let’s start with numbers, which, thanks to extreme radical-leftist concepts like “math,” have become outspoken critics of the president, showing absolutely no...Read more

Supreme Court’s LGBTQ discrimination ruling is much-needed good news in 2020’s dark days

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

Just when it seemed the year 2020 had fully embraced an “All Bad News, All The Time” format, the U.S. Supreme Court let some light break through our dark days.

In a landmark 6-3 decision, the court ruled that employers can’t fire lesbian, gay or transgender people simply for being who they are. The ruling says Title VII of the Civil ...Read more

'Defund the police’ is what you get when police don’t police themselves

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

I don’t think police officers should be plunked down in the looted South Side office of a U.S. congressman, making coffee and munching microwaved popcorn, while nearby businesses are being looted.

They shouldn’t be hurling homophobic slurs, either. Or making obscene gestures. Or pulling a woman out of her car by her hair and holding her ...Read more

The truth about antifa’s secret senior soldiers. Trump is on to us, so I’m spilling the beans

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

The truth about antifa is coming out. (If you’re unsure what antifa is, or if you’re not afraid of antifa, please go watch Fox News for a few hours and then return to this column with your trousers appropriately soiled.)

President Donald Trump has accused a 75-year-old Roman Catholic peace activist critically injured by police during a ...Read more

Biden’s response to the George Floyd protests isn’t presidential. He should be tweeting more insults!

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

As an astute observer of present-day presidential politics, I’m baffled by the way presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is behaving.

The most immediate example, of course, is that he spent time Monday traveling to Texas to meet in person with the family of George Floyd. He was the black man killed by a white Minneapolis ...Read more

White America refuses to look racism in the eye

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

We’ll see the video of George Floyd being killed over and over again.

Each time, anyone with a shred of humanity will recoil watching a black man, handcuffed and face down on the asphalt, slowly and painfully die with a white Minneapolis police officer’s knee on his neck.

It’s a slow-motion murder. And like the videotaped deaths of ...Read more

Rex Huppke: Trump should pull GOP convention from North Carolina, put in on cruise ships off the coast of Mar-a-Lago

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

The Republican National Convention, a humbly massive celebration of the awesomeness of President Donald Trump, is scheduled for August in North Carolina, but it may have to relocate.

“Why?” you ask, your voice not muffled by the tyranny of a liberal coronavirus mask. Because, as President Trump tweeted on Memorial Day, taking time away from...Read more

Welcome to the White House, where we are winning!

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

Hello, and welcome to the White House, where everything is fine and we are encouraging Americans to be warriors and get out there, get back to work and face the coronavirus head-on. Please excuse this recorded message. We are currently experiencing a coronavirus outbreak that is being handled perfectly.

Before entering, we must ask you to ...Read more

We can still show mom our gratitude

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

This will be a Mother's Day like no other.

Locked down. Zoom-centric, maybe. Minus the brunches out, the picnics in crowded parks. Absent the big gatherings. In some cases, hug-less, hard as that is to imagine.

No Mother's Day crafts coming home from school. No misshapen ceramic knickknacks from first grade art ...Read more

The president is sooooo good at sarcasm!

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

Ladies and gentlemen, I realize we're in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, but please pay attention to our very dumb president.

On Sunday, as more than 1,000 Americans died of COVID-19, Donald Trump sent the following three tweets:

"When will all of the 'reporters' who have received Noble Prizes for their work on Russia, Russia, Russia, ...Read more

Fox News seems intent on endangering its audience

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

It seems the Fox News network -- which is as much a "news network" as I am a "banana cream pie" -- is trying to kill off its audience.

Not directly, of course. I'm not suggesting Tucker Carlson has murder on his mind.

But the network's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic does appear perplexingly aimed at reducing the number of people alive ...Read more


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