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Robert Lee, no E.

WASHINGTON -- You know we've reached a point of -- something -- when a sports announcer named Robert Lee is reassigned from calling a University of Virginia college football game because of his contemporaneously unfortunate name.

Lee reportedly agreed with ESPN that he should go elsewhere rather than risk heckling, distraction or potentially ...Read more

So, nothing happened, right?

LINVILLE, N.C. -- During the past two weeks, I've been conducting an experiment.

I took a vacation.

A real one, meaning I did nothing. Intentionally, I avoided newspapers, television, radio, social media (mostly) and Wi-Fi, except to check the weather or the elevation of this or that mountain.

Of particular interest was nearby Sugar Mountain....Read more

Cosmopolitan with a twist

EDITORS: Kathleen Parker is taking a two-week vacation. Her next column will be sent Tuesday Aug. 22, for release Wednesday, Aug. 23. Note that our vacation-substitute policy has changed. Until Parker's return, you are welcome to run ANY of our other syndicated columns in her place, including by writers your publication does not subscribe to. To...Read more

What the world needs now

WASHINGTON -- Insidious is the force that causes us to dream of things we wish (or don't wish) were so.

Thus, on the eve of this column's creation, I dreamt of Donald J. Trump. We were seated at a dinner table for eight, but the other six chairs were empty. We spoke of many things, from education to globalization and the near-universal crisis ...Read more

Trump's curtain call?

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump had his worst day since he was elected president -- we'll just call it Friday -- and his worst week since the last one.

Things can only get worser and worser, as the Bard would permit me to say.

Let's start with the vote-a-rama and the "skinny repeal," which puts me in mind of a state fair ride and placing an order ...Read more

Poor everyone

WASHINGTON -- Eventually, everyone in this town seems to wind up with the word "poor" in front of his or her name.

Such a fate is especially likely if one has associated with Donald Trump. As in, Poor Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He is latest to the firing line that has included such formerlys as FBI Director James Comey, national security ...Read more


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