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Times oversight is inexcusable

WASHINGTON -- The recent fiasco at The New York Times, which last weekend published the latest uncorroborated sexual-assault accusation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was a monument to hearsay and a travesty of journalistic ethics.

The story, since modified to include crucial information, was an adapted excerpt from a book -- "...Read more

Trump won -- again

WASHINGTON -- Watching the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night left one clear impression: Donald Trump won.

Please don't shoot the messenger. My left index finger recoiled a bit as it reached for the "T" on the keyboard. But it's true for this reason: Democrats are too earnest. They care too much. They're too smart. They know too much...Read more

Through Mark Sanford's looking glass

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Once upon a time, Mark Sanford might have been a contender, but there's too much water under the bridges that stretch from this city of steeples to his erstwhile home on Sullivan's Island.

The disgraced former South Carolina governor and congressman announced Sunday that he's running against Donald Trump for the 2020 ...Read more

Waiting for Dorian

CAMDEN, S.C. -- For the Eastern Seaboard, Dorian has become the Godot of hurricanes.

Barely moving after hovering over the Bahamas for what seemed an eternity, the former Category 5 storm has occupied weather watchers and coastal observers for several days now. It has potentially forever altered the topography and shape of some Bahamian islands...Read more

The Old South gets a new college president

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- From a childhood laboring in China's cotton and wheat fields to the presidency of the College of Charleston, Andrew Hsu's story is anything but ordinary.

His extraordinary vision for the college, including the addition of a top-notch engineering school, speaks to shifting demographics, job markets and the need for greater ...Read more

A world on fire

WASHINGTON -- A question for this moment: If the Earth's lungs were on fire and the doctor refused to treat it, would there be cause for a third-party intervention?

This is a rhetorical query for now, but it surely nags the conscience of an outraged international community as the Amazon rainforest is ablaze in Brazil and at least two other ...Read more

The shaming of America

WASHINGTON -- One of the everlasting social forces in directing human behavior -- shame -- has become part of the 2020 presidential race.

And one of the most shameful things in these times is to be thought or labeled a racist. As it should be, if true.

Thus, some Democrats and others hoping to defeat President Trump have begun a campaign of ...Read more

Red flags don't come much brighter in Dixie

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- As the entire nation reeled from the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, South Carolinians were met with news that a local teen had made violent, racist videos and threatened to shoot up his high school.

Red flags don't come much brighter.

In conversations across the state the past few days -- on social media and around ...Read more

A tale of Zorro and Little St. Jeff's

WASHINGTON -- The more we learn, the more Jeffrey Epstein resembles an evil comic book character for the developmentally arrested intellectual -- the charming-but-lurid mastermind with a plot to take over the world by impregnating scores of women on a remote desert estate.

Last Wednesday, The New York Times reported that the financier/convicted...Read more

Donald Trump's rhetoric could exacerbate a race war

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The idea of a race war has long animated white supremacists, who seem to think that such a conflict would result in a white victory, whatever that would mean.

Dylann Roof -- the white man-boy who murdered nine black parishioners during Bible study at Mother Emanuel AME Church here four summers ago -- entertained such an idea...Read more

A waste of Mueller's time

WASHINGTON -- The picture that spoke far more words than former special counsel Robert Mueller uttered during last week's hearings was taken by renowned photographer David Hume Kennerly.

The close-up of Mueller's face was a portrait of rare depth, the sort one is more likely to find on a Leonardo da Vinci canvas with all its shadows, hollows ...Read more

Plant a tree, hug a bee

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes big problems can be solved simply.

At the moment, our biggest problem -- climate change -- can be ended by simply planting trees. OK, so a trillion trees, according to a Swiss study published earlier this month in the journal Science. But how hard is that, really?

An equally serious and related problem is ...Read more

The color of her skin

WASHINGTON -- Going out on a limb here: Donald Trump is a racist. And a sexist. And a xenophobic nationalist. Among other things.

Not to name call or anything.

And all of those observable facts seem to sit quite well with his base of supporters, most Republicans of Congress and, apparently, with the evangelical Christian community whose ...Read more

Watch out for falling rocks

WASHINGTON -- Don't breathe a word, but President Trump is up to something.

His insulting, too-dumb-to-fail comments about four freshmen female members of Congress has the civilized world's trousers in a twist, and it's not a pretty sight.

The president tweeted that the four women of color, " ... who originally came from countries whose ...Read more

Nobody eats wolf

WASHINGTON -- From Little Red Riding Hood's terrifying encounter with the Big Bad Wolf to Kevin Costner's balletic romance with some kindred, four-legged spirit in "Dances With Wolves," Americans have long had a love-hate relationship with the ancestral predecessor of our favorite family pet.

Some want to hunt and kill as many wolves as they ...Read more

Acosta displayed rare cowardice before justice -- and needs to step down

WASHINGTON -- It helps to know people in high places, especially if you're a sex offender and your name is Jeffrey Epstein.

Some might say that Epstein, the multimillionaire financier, reached the summits of wealth and self-indulgence by his own volition. He is undeniably intelligent, a whiz kid at math and science in his early years who built ...Read more

Travels with Daddy

WASHINGTON -- "Surreal" was the word Ivanka Trump used to describe North Korea, which she briefly visited this past weekend with dear ol' dad.

It was the first time an American president had crossed the threshold into the hermit kingdom, where Trump met with his love-letter-writing bro Kim Jong Un. Naturally, Ivanka needed to be there.

It was,...Read more

Democratic debates reveal a galaxy of stars

CAMDEN, S.C. -- By now, the winners and losers of the first Democratic presidential debate(s) have been thoroughly hashed, roasted and served up overdone.

Bottom line: Women won. Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar all made strong showings, outshining most in the majority-male lineup. Harris was the undisputed winner owing ...Read more

Why millennials may be conservatives at heart

WASHINGTON -- Several current trends among millennials do not bode well for Democrats. Indeed, they suggest a greater affinity for (many) Republican policies, notwithstanding a, perhaps, contiguous dislike for the GOP's leadership.

Dare I say it: These trends may suggest a gradual migration toward traditional values and conservatism.

Hear me ...Read more

Can I call ya' <i>son</i>?

WASHINGTON -- The problem with a lifetime in public service is a lifetime in public service.

Enter Joe Biden, whose list of former offices and distinctions exceeds my word limit, and the recent scandal of his nurturing of working relationships with segregationists Sens. James O. Eastland and Herman Talmadge back in the 1970s.

...Read more


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