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Listen to the brave Latinas who speak up against misconduct

CHICAGO -- The allegations of sexual harassment against star author and critical darling Junot Diaz have now generated backlash, making this a good time to look at how the story developed and continues to cause rifts within the Latino community.

Diaz's confessional essay, "The Legacy of Childhood Trauma," was published in The New Yorker in mid-...Read more

Even Ben Franklin underestimated immigrants

CHICAGO -- The lore about the United States is that we're a nation of immigrants. But what the textbooks gloss over is that for as long as there have been immigrants in the U.S., there have also been immigrant haters.

And though it is often portrayed as the lower classes -- those who compete for unskilled labor jobs -- who have the most enmity ...Read more

An ounce of tick prevention can spare you a long and painful cure

CHICAGO -- I'm scratching behind my ear, the back of my knee and the top of my foot. Elbow, middle-of-the-back, under the chin ... no spot is safe from my mind's ability to "feel" ticks crawling on my skin.

Is it because of this now-viral tweet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: "Ticks can be the size of a poppy seed. Can you ...Read more

There's nothing worse than knowing your kids don't feel safe at school

CHICAGO -- Parents of children born before the Columbine school shooting all share a baseline point of view: Our most pressing concerns about our kids' futures revolved around the usual stuff like whether they'd need expensive braces, have a fun time in high school or eventually get a decent job.

Never in a million years did I think I'd soon be...Read more

Face facts: Immigrants commit fewer crimes than U.S.-born peers

CHICAGO -- There's an old saw in journalism that when a dog bites a man, it's just another thing that happened. But when a man bites a dog, well, that's news.

"Criminal illegal immigrants" are a modern-day version of that adage.

A large segment of America refuses to accept that legal immigrants, naturalized citizens and other lawfully present ...Read more

'The Rachel Divide' explains how Dolezal hurt the fight for racial justice

CHICAGO -- We usually watch movies to be entertained and documentaries to understand people or issues. The new Netflix original documentary about Rachel Dolezal -- the former president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP who was outed as Caucasian in 2015 -- turns this calculation on its head.

"The Rachel Divide," directed by Laura Brownson, ...Read more

Don't judge Latinos who patrol the border until you walk in their shoes

CHICAGO -- It's seen by some as just one of the many paradoxes you'll find at the border. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that about half of the agents in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are Hispanic: It's a steady, government gig with decent benefits and pay in a geographic location with lots of bilingual Latinos ...Read more

When it comes to math, attitude is everything

CHICAGO -- I'm not going to name names or call anyone out (you know who you are), but if I hear one more educator mindlessly say, "I hate math," I think I'm going to explode.

I'm not just talking about saying "I hate math" in the teachers' lounge or at professional-development sessions -- though, trust me, I've heard it a ton in these places. I...Read more

Help fight fake news by subscribing to the real thing

CHICAGO -- With teachers, graduate students and political campaigners all organizing for humane working conditions these days, unions are having a moment.

And that moment has now spread to another group of stalwart workers who got into their field because of a commitment to public service: journalists.

The movement to unionize digital ...Read more

Immigrants should feel protected by local police, not threatened

CHICAGO -- Most immigration policies impact all Americans, not just the ones who moved here from another country. This is especially so when it comes to matters of public safety.

Last week, a federal district court judge ruled that the U.S. Justice Department cannot require local police departments to help immigration agents in exchange for ...Read more


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