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Unauthorized immigrants help prop up America's economy

CHICAGO -- Whenever I see a viral video of a racist person harassing a Spanish speaker with brown skin because they seem "illegal," I comfort myself with the vivid image of millions of Latinos watching the spectacle with bafflement as they fan themselves with a stack of $100 bills.

It's not silly.

People act like unauthorized immigrants are ...Read more

Speak out about America's cruelty to immigrants

CHICAGO -- By all accounts, the Trump administration is on an anti-immigrant tear that threatens to obliterate the already-broken immigration system in this country.

President Trump has ousted top officials, saying they weren't as tough as he thought they should be, and elevated the anti-immigrant hardliner Stephen Miller.

At a Texas ...Read more

It's a bird, it's a plane … it's yet another superhero movie!

CHICAGO -- It seems pretty obvious that the superhero movie genre is jumping the shark.

I used to get everyone in my family psyched and out the door for the comic-book blockbusters, but the spectacle of superhero movies went stale for me a few years ago.

And I'm not the only one -- even my husband and my teen son have not been able to gin up ...Read more

Trump administration policy mistreats migrant children

CHICAGO -- Most Americans have no reason to know anything about the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), but it has recently become a flash point in immigration policy.

Initially established in 2000, the alphabet-soup legislation made human trafficking a federal crime. It has been reauthorized over the years to expand its...Read more

News flash: There's a lot more than Mexico south of the border

CHICAGO -- So many Mexicos, so little time!

I have no idea who created it, but there's a handy little chart of "all the Mexicos" rocketing across the internet. It's a humorous clapback at the recent folly in which an onscreen chyron on Fox News said that President Trump was cutting aid to "3 Mexican Countries."

Some genius mocked up the ...Read more

GenderCool teens remind us that the world is full of promise

CHICAGO -- The world is a frightening place filled with peril, abuse and discrimination -- and it's even worse for people who don't fall neatly into society's traditional buckets.

This was my state of mind last week as I drove out to a home in a suburb north of Chicago to meet a gaggle of teens, some of whom have already gone through things in ...Read more

Melville made a huge splash, but his critics left barely a ripple

CHICAGO -- There's no end to the awfulness we heap upon artists -- it happens to the best of them.

Beethoven himself was panned by John Ruskin -- one of the Victorian era's most famous art critics -- as composing music that "always sounds to me like the upsettings of bags of nails, with here and there an also dropped hammer."

Claude Monet's ...Read more

Let's give teachers space to show students they care

CHICAGO -- Shhhhh, please don't tell anyone that I'm breaking rules at school.

The other day, I said "I love you" to one of my students.

What else are you supposed to tell a 6-year-old who's crying inconsolably after he bumped his head -- and you happen to absolutely mean it?

Another student, a developmentally delayed 5-year-old, only settles...Read more

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