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The U.S. Constitution Says Treat All Defendants the Same

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Equal treatment under the law, right? I think every American agrees that when it comes to law enforcement, all citizens should be treated the same way.

So, how to explain the disparity in post-arrest treatment between last year's George Floyd protesters and this year's detainees from the breach at the U.S. Capitol?

Nothing that follows ...Read more

Are Guns Really the Problem?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

The White House is launching a new assault to bring down the crime rate. As you've likely heard, crime, especially homicide, has exploded in many major hotspot cities over the last year or so. President Joe Biden says he knows what to do, he's been at this for years and he's got a plan ready to launch that includes several definitive steps.

"...Read more

Our Incarceration Nation: Even After Prison, Many Americans Are Held Captive

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Did you realize that there are more Americans on parole or probation than are held within the prison system? Yep, it's hard to fathom but 1 in 58 American adults -- about 4.4 million citizens -- are currently under some sort of community supervision.

Do they all need to be? Doubtful. And the status quo is costing taxpayers billions every single...Read more

The Florida Condo Collapse -- Lots of Blame to Go Around

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

While politicians in Washington continue to play games with an urgently needed $1 trillion infrastructure relief bill, the nation was hit full force with the cost of ignoring what needs to be rebuilt in this country.

The collapse of half the Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside, Florida, should act as a red flag warning for us all. The ...Read more

Here's Why Most Arrested Rioters Will Not Be Prosecuted

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Perhaps you've heard about charges being dropped against most of last summer's George Floyd protestors. Prosecutors from Oregon to New York have chosen not to pursue a host of different charges against those arrested after peaceful protests turned into destructive riots.

Outrageous, you might think. If someone commits the crime of looting, ...Read more

Who Benefits From the Biden-Harris Immigration Policy?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Let's talk calmly and objectively about U.S. immigration policy, shall we? And let's focus on what's happened so far this year following our nation's latest changes in strategy. Those changes have sparked an unprecedented flood of refugees across our southern border.

The U.S. Border Patrol reports that during the month of May, agents grappled ...Read more

Our Cybersecurity in a Cyberwarfare Age

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

The Department of Homeland Security has declared the United States has 16 "critical infrastructure sectors." Translated, that means these enterprises are crucial to a safe and orderly society. The sectors include: food and agriculture, water, medical and health care, energy, transportation, telecommunications, law enforcement and, of course, our...Read more

Reimagining Our Police Forces: What Is It We Need?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Bill Bratton has been the police commissioner of three major cities: Boston, Los Angeles and New York. When asked recently about the value of cops, Bratton, 73, said: "They are the glue that literally holds society together. They are an essential element of a successful democracy." I agree.

But we have come to a place now where we need to ...Read more

Fraudsters Go Where the (COVID-19) Money Is

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Last June, eight guys in Brooklyn put their heads together, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, and came up with a scheme to steal strangers' identities and take what didn't belong to them.

Just a couple months before that -- in the earliest days of the COVID-19 scare -- Congress passed a $2.2 trillion bill called the Coronavirus Aid, ...Read more

Federal Overreach: The Nation's Most Expensive Mud Puddle.

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Just thought you might like to know what the federal government is doing on your behalf, how the feds are spending your tax dollars on a crazy-sounding lawsuit.

The dispute pits a South Dakota farm family, the Fosters, against the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The fight is over a mud puddle. Yep, you read that right. Said mud puddle is ...Read more

Prisoners Released for COVID-19 Safety Sake Brace Against Possible Return

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

The idea behind prison is to rehabilitate the redeemable criminals and lock away for life the truly evil ones.

When the pandemic began to ravage the nation's prisons, Congress passed a provision in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act allowing sickly and nonviolent inmates who had served most of their time to be released. After...Read more

Know a Victim of Domestic Abuse? Here's How to Help Them

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Domestic abuse is a terrible cycle. Victim advocates say it takes an average of seven events before the injured person tries to leave an abusive situation for good.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S. every minute. Over the course of one year...Read more



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