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The good and bad of pandemic-era crime rates

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Here's some positive news from the crime beat: It is reported that, nationwide, robberies, rapes, drug offenses and burglaries are down during the first half of 2020.

This trend is one of the rare good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fewer people have been venturing out the last several months, decreasing the number of robbery ...Read more

Domestic abusers sometimes wear a badge

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Sarah Letendre is spending her time trying to piece together a brand-new life for herself and her two small children. Technically, she is homeless, living alone in a hotel, and trying to find a job (with her master's degree in social work) and a permanent place to live. Her days as a nurturing stay-at-home mom are over.

On the evening of July ...Read more

Teaching toxic topics on the taxpayer's tab

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

It is clear we have real racial problems in this country, problems that need to be worked through as we try to restore some semblance of harmony and understanding among the population.

National healing starts with meaningful conversations, devoid of angry rhetoric and criminal reactions, and needs to include everyone studiously listening to ...Read more

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks would be greatly disappointed of today's movement for racial justice

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Black lives matter. Of course they do. But it is now abundantly clear that the lives, safety and dignity of Black men, women and children are not really what drives organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement. That is a shame.

The world has been fed a bill of goods about BLM's goals. Now we see they are about creating civil unrest and nothing...Read more

The double-edged sword of facial recognition technology

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

On the television crime drama "FBI," Special Agent Jubal Valentine brusquely orders an underling to run a photograph through facial recognition to identify a suspect. Boom! After a rocket-speed search, the computer spits out a name and address. Field agents get to work, and in no time, the bad guy is under arrest.

I'm here to tell you it is not...Read more

Beware: Unsettled times like these spark suicides

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

As a run-up to the Fourth of July, Americans typically buy beer, barbecue meats and fireworks. This year, as so many have become overwhelmed by the anxiety and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are buying guns at a record pace.

Make no mistake; more guns equal more suicides.

This is not an attack on citizen's Second Amendment ...Read more

The devil's in the details of police reform

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

The time for serious police reforms has come. There is no ignoring that fact. Cities and states around the nation are already working on what those reforms will look like.

Colorado just implemented a new set of standards that other jurisdictions are sure to study. This new set of standards:

-- Bans chokeholds.

-- Limits an officer's use of ...Read more

Crimes against common sense...

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

What the hell is going on in this country? When did we, the majority, stop speaking up for ourselves? Crimes against common sense seem to happen every week, yet most of us stay silent.

Or is it that the media only highlights those who scream the loudest, leaving the impression that what they demand must be implemented?

The most vocal citizens ...Read more

A time of reckoning to repair racial tensions

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

If you don't agree that black lives matter, you should stop reading now.

Conversely, if you believe blacks in America are victims of a deadly conspiracy of systemic police racism, you may want to look away. The facts simply do not bear out that claim.

Yes, we have heard about a horrific series of black citizens killed by police. But over the ...Read more

Enemies of the state are lurking in every corner

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

As if the current COVID-19 pandemic hadn't created enough chaos in our lives, yet another outrageous, race-based police brutality case emerged to engulf the nation in its terrifying aftermath.

Righteous street protests were infiltrated by agitators whose sole goal was to create mayhem, destroy property and upset the delicate balance of a ...Read more

Murder as a public service?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

On the evening of May 14, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, James Fairbanks went to the home of Mattieo Condoluci and shot him dead. Condoluci, 64, was a twice convicted pedophile, and Fairbanks, 43, had spent years working with troubled kids in the Omaha Public School system.

After the body was discovered, the dead man's daughter, Amanda Henry, was ...Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly of citizen's arrests

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Nearly every state has a citizen's arrest law allowing civilians to detain someone if they have witnessed a crime being committed. Some of these laws allow only felony suspects to be held until law enforcement arrives, while others also allow those suspected of "breach of peace" misdemeanors to be held.

Does this mean you can use any force ...Read more

Policing during a pandemic

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

The classified ad might read: "Looking for college-educated applicants who can handle serious on-the-job stress, constant public criticism and loss of co-workers by suicide. Must be skilled in handling firearms, life-and-death conflicts, domestic abuse suspects, the mentally ill and drug addicts. Training in murder, arson, cybercrime and white-...Read more



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