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Police Can Legally Lie to You -- In Most States

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

How many times have you seen these scenarios play out on TV crime dramas? The savvy detective tells a scared kid in the interrogation room that if he will just confess, then the cops can promise leniency. Or the investigator tells the juvenile that his buddy in the other room has spilled his guts. To save himself, the suspect is told, he needs ...Read more

Those Who Ignore Crime Are Just as Culpable

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -- Albert Einstein

Dr. Stanley Weber worked for the Indian Health Service as a pediatrician for more than two decades. He was assigned to reservation facilities in both Montana and South Dakota. He also ...Read more

Let's Get It Together on Marijuana Laws

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Quick. Do you know whether marijuana is legal in your state? Is it approved for medical or even recreational use? If you don't know, that is completely understandable. We are a collection of 50 different states with a wide-ranging patchwork of laws regulating cannabis, nearly all of which are in direct opposition to federal law.

It's difficult ...Read more

The Nation's Fixation on the Search for Gabby

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

There are hundreds of thousands of people reported missing in the United States each year. Last year there were more than 540,000 reports filed with police. Sounds like a lot, but probably due to our COVID-19 isolation that was a record low number.

Some of the missing were kidnaped; others were quickly found or voluntarily returned home; and ...Read more

To Honor a Killer's Last Request -- Or Not?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

A medium-rare rib-eye steak, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, an iceberg lettuce salad, garlic bread and lemon meringue pie for dessert. That was the last meal ordered up by serial killer Oscar Bolin right before the state of Florida executed him.

It is customary in most states for death row inmates to ask for and receive a special ...Read more

Do We Really Need Hate Crime Laws?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Love and hate: the two most prevalent human emotions. Every human on the planet, save those afflicted with serious mental health issues, has experienced these feelings. They cannot be legislated and neither emotion is in itself considered to be a crime. It is what some people do with their hate that is the problem.

The eruption of hate into ...Read more

History Matters and So Does Political Reality

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Here we go again! In the aftermath of the mismanaged U.S. military pullout in Afghanistan, calls to impeach the president or demands for him to resign are being heard daily.

Our republic cannot stand if lawmakers resort to undoing elections via impeachment every few years. If we, the electorate, are voting for undeserving or incompetent ...Read more

The Clock is Ticking on Ways to Fix the U.S. Election System

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

This column is not about relitigating the 2020 election. President Joe Biden is the duly certified U.S. president. Period. Now, let's talk about the mess in which we find our election system. Let's talk about voter fraud.

It does exist; claims to the contrary are incorrect. And discussions about voting integrity matter because we have about one...Read more

The Fentanyl Flood Into the Us: Why Can't We Make It Stop?

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

About 11 times every hour, about 250 times a day, an American citizen dies of a drug overdose. The most frequent culprit is fentanyl. The most popular mode of delivery is fentanyl-laced heroin, fentanyl mixed with cocaine or illegally produced OxyContin pain pills containing fentanyl. And it's not just hardcore addicts who are dying.

The ...Read more

To Better Serve and Protect, Cops Need Help

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Calls for the blanket defunding of police are ill-conceived and self-destructive. The proof is in the spike of violent crime in cities that cut their police budgets during the last year.

That said, it doesn't mean that programs can't be implemented to shift police priorities and share duties with other specialists, like mental health ...Read more

Once the Nation's 'Luv Guv', Now He's Radioactive

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

What is society to do with someone who has been investigated and found to have broken both federal and state laws by sexually harassing at least 11 different women?

Well, in the case of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the subject of a five-months-long investigation by the state's attorney general, apparently the answer is: nothing.

Attorney ...Read more

Americans Are in Debt and the Vultures Are Circling

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Americans are now deeper in debt than at any other time in our nation's history. Especially acute are mounting debts on past-due mortgage payments, student loans and medical bills. In fact, medical debt is one of the most often-mentioned causes of personal bankruptcies in the U.S., and the situation has only gotten worse during the pandemic.

So...Read more



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