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Labor Board: Take Your Politics to Work

The National Labor Relations Board wants to open the door to workplace activism, but winning its case against Whole Foods would tear that metaphorical door off its proverbial hinges.

Regulators accuse the upscale supermarket chain of violating federal labor law when it forbade employees from wearing Black Lives Matter face masks on the job. ...Read more

Congress Can't Regulate Social Media

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is on a rampage after Twitter deactivated her account and Facebook placed her on probation over controversial coronavirus claims that fact-checkers flagged as misinformation.

The Florida Republican frothed and fumed against "Big Tech censors," the "Silicon Valley Cartel" and "social media oligarchs" in a Monday ...Read more

School Censors Lose Another Battle

School boards, superintendents and principals in the Garden State are on notice: No more censorship thinly disguised as teaching.

New Jersey became the 15th state to enact New Voices legislation on Dec. 21, when Gov. Phil Murphy signed Senate Bill 108 into law. High school student journalists now have the right to report the news without ...Read more

'Bodyright' Can't Right Online Wrongs

Registered trademark and copyright symbols beware: A well-meaning impostor is joining your ranks.

The United Nations Population Fund launched its bodyright campaign this month, describing the lowercase "b" in a circle as "a new 'copyright' for human bodies." Adding the bodyright symbol to your selfies doesn't offer any legal protection, but ...Read more

Junk Science Sacks Star Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers misled the public about his vaccination status, but the Green Bay Packers quarterback sidelined with a bout of COVID-19 is more victim than perpetrator.

When reporters asked the 2021 league MVP during an August press conference if he was vaccinated, Rodgers answered in the affirmative, adding a qualifier that wouldn't raise ...Read more

Turn Clocks Back on Daylight Saving Time

Twice a year, the federal government gives back something it took from millions of Americans with their cooperation, if not their consent.

In the spring, Uncle Sam distributes tax refunds. And in the fall, we cash in an extra hour of sleep as the sun sets on daylight saving time. Coast to coast, clocks will "fall back" to standard time at 2 a...Read more



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