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Empty Symbolism on Gun Control

A product meant to keep beer and soda cans cold made Christy Clark hot under the collar.

A former North Carolina legislator and the current Democratic candidate for a suburban Charlotte seat in the state House, Clark took to Twitter on June 20 to share pictures of two foam can coolers sold in supermarkets emblazoned with pro-gun rights ...Read more

FIRE's Growth Spells Calamity for Censors

Traffic cops who arrest drivers for flipping the bird, municipal paper-pushers who deny protest permits and scheming state lawmakers who misuse their laboratories of democracy to concoct a witches' brew of suppressive statutes could use a support group right about now.

The odds that they can continue quietly micromanaging public discourse ...Read more

Free Speech Shields Left and Right Alike

Conservatives are cheering the latest circuit court decision on campus free speech. Few seem to realize it will help dismantle Republican-backed education bills targeting critical race theory in the classroom.

A unanimous 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals panel sided with the conservative nonprofit Speech First in its lawsuit against the ...Read more

Musk Can Thwart Twitter's True Censors

When whistleblowers tried to expose conditions in a Saudi women's prison and advocate for human rights reforms, Twitter suspended their accounts. That's the kind of problem Elon Musk can solve.

The Tesla CEO offered $43 billion to buy Twitter's stock and take the company private last week, writing that he believes in the social media company'...Read more



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