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Protect Citizens Who Film Cops

Do you have a First Amendment right to record police officers in public?

If you instinctively said yes, you're in good company. Attorneys, law professors, judges, journalists and even law enforcement agencies agree. The American Civil Liberties Union says so on its website. No serious legal scholar would argue otherwise.

The Supreme Court, ...Read more

Make College Affordable, Not Free

A budget resolution that cleared the Senate last week sets the stage for one of President Joe Biden's top campaign pledges -- making a two-year community college education free for all Americans.

It's a popular pitch, as a Pew Research Center survey conducted last month shows 63% of people support tuition-free enrollment in public colleges ...Read more

Censorship Is Worse Than Hate Speech

Social media companies are scarcely lifting a finger to police antisemitism on their platforms, researchers for an international digital watchdog charge in a bombshell report released last month.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate tracked postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and caught the tech giants asleep at the...Read more

Virtue Signaling Causes Ice Cream Headache

Filling your freezer with Ben & Jerry's won't improve prospects for Palestinian statehood, and denying yourself that pint of Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey does nothing to defend Israel's right to exist.

The boycott battle swirling around the United States' No. 1 ice cream brand isn't really about corporate responsibility, consumer ethics or ...Read more

Court Reopens Age Restriction Debate

It's not about guns. It's about citizenship.

That's the takeaway from a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling issued last week that strikes down a law preventing licensed firearms dealers from selling handguns to adults under 21. Analysts predict the case, Hirschfeld v. ATF, may reach the Supreme Court on appeal.

Circuit Judge Julius N. ...Read more

Biden Embraces Competitive Capitalism

By crossing a barrel of big-ticket items off conservatives' wish lists, President Joe Biden reframed the debate and outfoxed his political rivals on economic freedom.

Republican strategists warn of an epic clash between capitalism and socialism because that's a fight the GOP can reliably win. But Biden flipped the script on Friday, casting ...Read more

A Turning Point for Student Speech?

Students are largely free to speak their minds off campus without fear of school punishment, even if social media's boundless reach blurs the line between living room and classroom.

With a few caveats, that's the gist of a highly anticipated Supreme Court ruling handed down Wednesday in Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L., a case that tested...Read more



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