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Make Abortion Unnecessary, Not Illegal

Priests could deny communion to pro-choice public officials under new guidelines the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted on Thursday to write, opening a new front in the nation's abortion wars.

President Joe Biden is considered the target of bishops' forthcoming statement on "Eucharistic coherence," but it could also implicate the ...Read more

Free Speech Isn't About Power

Seeking to burnish his reputation as a reformer, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman openly criticized Saudi Arabia's religious extremism three years ago, thumbing his nose at hardline clerics and upending the established order.

An ordinary Saudi citizen can face punishment for making similar pronouncements, and Turkish and U.S. authorities say ...Read more

Commencement Speech Censors Stand Down

As high schools across the country resume traditional graduation ceremonies following a pandemic-imposed hiatus, it was only a matter of time before a commencement speech controversy made national news.

A Michigan principal wisely reversed course after telling Hillsdale High School co-valedictorian Elizabeth Turner to omit remarks about her ...Read more

Politics Derail Writer's Tenure Track

A top-tier journalism school rolled out the welcome mat for star New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones. Then partisan politics pulled the rug out from under her.

In April, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hired Hannah-Jones for an endowed faculty position, the Knight Chair in race and investigative journalism. UNC's board...Read more

CDC Should Stay in Its Lane

For an agency long vulnerable to mission creep, it was only a matter of time.

A federal judge finally reined in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, striking down its sweeping eviction moratorium on the grounds that it exceeds the CDC's congressionally delegated authority.

In a 20-page memorandum opinion released Wednesday, U.S. ...Read more

Stopping Cars Isn't Solving Crimes

If hospitals were run like police departments, doctors would loiter in the lobby to pounce on patients who have mild sprains and stuffy noses while gunshot victims languish in understaffed emergency rooms.

As fatal law enforcement shootings amplify controversial calls to defund the police, communities can sidestep the political rancor by ...Read more

A Comeback for Campus Kangaroo Courts?

Whether or not Mukund Vengalattore dated a graduate student under his supervision, Cornell University failed him and his accuser when it, as Vengalattore says, passed judgment without properly investigating the claim.

After the grad student filed a 2014 sexual misconduct complaint against Vengalattore, an atomic physicist and tenure-track ...Read more

Comic Villain Just Needed Some Therapy

A careless comparison meant to skewer Jordan Peterson is backfiring in a big way.

The psychology professor expressed astonishment when Twitter followers alerted him to obvious parallels between him and the Red Skull, the supervillain in Marvel Comics' Captain America franchise.

In the comic's latest edition, published March 31, the masked ...Read more

Boycotts Can Moderate Georgia Voting Law

Voter suppression, meet your match: corporate responsibility.

Eight days after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a controversial election reform bill into law, Major League Baseball announced plans to relocate the All-Star Game and MLB draft from Atlanta to a new host city, citing Senate Bill 202's voting restrictions.

Georgia-based Coca-Cola ...Read more

Forced Patriotism: Unlawful and Un-American

Following high-profile national anthem protests, lawmakers passed a local ordinance requiring citizens to "stand solemnly and deport themselves with dignity" while the anthem is played.

Before conservatives cheer this development too loudly, they should know the law was enacted last year in Hong Kong and refers to "March of the Volunteers," ...Read more



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