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The tax code isn't a real emergency

Catherine Rampell on

There's also the tiny exigencies of keeping the government up and running, and, oh, preventing the United States from igniting another global financial crisis.

Congress has until Friday to avert a federal government shutdown, just in time for Christmas. And sometime over the following few months, Treasury will exhaust all the "extraordinary measures" it is using to avoid a global-panic-inducing debt default, given that we technically hit our borrowing limit Dec. 8.

When so many dire priorities abound, it's hard to fathom how tax cuts got to the front of the queue.

Presumably, Republicans are trying to outrun Alabama Sen.-elect Doug Jones' arrival in Washington, which will shave the slim majority they have to pass their tax bill. The conventional political wisdom also says that Republicans need a "win" before 2017 closes out.

But that raises the question: Why don't Republicans just redefine victory to include solving actual emergencies, rather than imagined ones?

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