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Trump's enablers employ a verbal smokescreen

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

President Donald Trump and his accomplices are really busy deflecting all the damning charges against them by using every misleading tactic available. They are putting the "con" in "Constitution." When he doesn't flat-out lie, his lawyers are utilizing that time-dishonored tactic of obfuscation, muddying up the clear meaning of the nation's ...Read more

Happy Birthday, Vlad

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Vladimir Putin is not a Facebook friend of mine -- that I know of, anyway. He could be, perhaps registered under an alias put out by the Moscow Troll Department, but to my knowledge, I didn't send a "Happy birthday to Vlad" greeting to mark the Russian president's 67th.

Nor did Donald Trump send his good wishes, at least not on Facebook, even ...Read more

Both parties misuse the press to keep the people uninformed

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

In his "Gettysburg Address," Abraham Lincoln described a "government of the people, by the people, for the people." The problem for any democracy is that those people can make a mistake -- a dangerous mistake -- by electing someone who's severely unqualified or a bloomin' nutcase.

Look no further than Donald Trump, our current president, who ...Read more

Trump is foaming at the mouth more than normal these days

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Pity the poor head of state who visits the White House. This time around, it's the Finnish president watching another fight to the finish by his host, American President Donald Trump.

Finland's Sauli Niinisto was the latest human prop, maintaining a stone face and keeping his thoughts to himself, but perhaps worrying whether his U.S. ...Read more

We're showering SPIT award honors on Nunes

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

As the summer of our despair turns to an equally bleak national autumn, it's time to take note of those who have excelled at a unique political art form (I bet you never thought you'd see those words together). We really should pay homage to those who have won the month's competition for best sound bite.

The winner of the Superlative ...Read more

Pig Latin or Tanta stultitia mortalium est

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Latin is supposedly a "dead language," meaning no one speaks it as their native tongue. Except attorneys, of course, who use it to make law indecipherable so that they can charge exorbitant billable hours to untangle the messes they create.

English, in this era of antisocial media and texting, is on its way to being another dead language. But I...Read more

The president and his teammates violate the rules of the gam

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

"The best defense is a good offense." That is true in football as well as in that even more brutal contact sport, politics. And be warned that this piece is riddled with shameless sports metaphors, because what we are discussing here is the championship game between Trump University and Deep State -- although the whole concept of a "deep state" ...Read more

Cokie was a shining example to us all

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Let's take a break from our society's normal crudefest for a brief moment to honor civility. Cokie Roberts epitomized civility.

She was no pushover -- far from it. When it was required, she was as hard as nails. In today's nasty society, she sometimes needed to be. But somehow, she maneuvered through all of our disagreements in ways that were ...Read more

Don't make a decision without the complete story

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

I always worry when people on one side of an issue praise a story I've done. Ideally, at least in the twisted mind of a journalist, all the parties should be upset. We should be viewed as equal-opportunity jerks. After all, this column has been described as "a gesture of defiance pointed in all directions." (Actually, the gesture of defiance was...Read more


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