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Trump is the up-and-coming flim-flam man

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

He may be ignorant, but Donald Trump is one cunning flim-flam man, among the most manipulative in history. He's been conning all of us, and not just the grievance-laden dullards who make up his rabid base or his millions of cultists who cheer his every outrage on. We need to include all of us enablers who validate him as president of the United ...Read more

Trump doesn't care how much he is shattering the nation

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

In my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, back in the late 1950s they closed the public schools down rather than desegregate. (For those -who need to, look up Little Rock on your search engine.) But since high-school sports were just as big as in Texas, they kept the football season going. The saying around town that year was that the teams were ...Read more

Beware the Thanksgiving surge from this year's visit to Grandmother's house

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

"Over the hills and through the woods, the sleigh this year should be empty, And to Grandmother's house we don't go."

Somehow, this year's adaptation lacks the holiday spirit of the 1844 original, but back then we didn't have the lethal coronavirus dominating the crisp November air and striking us down, inside Grandmother's house and in every ...Read more

Trump is leaving Biden a real mess, in more ways than one

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

With the Biden victory in Arizona, aka McCain's Revenge, the extent of the Donald Trump election rejection is now documented. Nevermind his desperate fantasies of a legal tap dance to victory -- can you imagine Donald Trump tap dancing? -- there's no way to soft shoe over the reality of a five million popular vote loss to Joe Biden and, more ...Read more

Trebek is to Trump as class is to crass

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Answer: Two men who have stopped and posed for a picture with anyone they encountered. Question: Who are Alex Trebek and Joe Biden? We mourn the death of Trebek, for decades the affable host of "Jeopardy." "Affable" would also describe Joe Biden, who likewise for decades has accumulated the experience that will be necessary to pull his nation ...Read more

Can Biden and McConnell resume playing "Let's Make a Deal"?

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

It was 1973 when the hit movie "The Way We Were" was released, starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford as an unlikely couple with divergent political beliefs and backgrounds. It came with a haunting title song, sung by Streisand.

While most of us wouldn't want to "light the corners of my mind" with recent memories -- unless you're into ...Read more

Time to recover from Trump's national SLAPP in the face

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Through his entire life, Donald Trump has been a SLAPP master. What is SLAPP, you ask? Good question. It stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation." For our purposes, it means frivolous legal action, usually by someone with deep pockets, designed to use the court system to intimidate someone else who doesn't have deep pockets. ...Read more

Trump's time in office will be defined by his paranoiac explanations for his many failures

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

"You know our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID."

It's not that Donald Trump has lacked for vile, stupid comments since he's been president. In fact, his entire life has been saturated with repulsive pronouncements, the oafish dribble that can be attributed to sheer stupidity.

His rallies are jammed together with rabid ...Read more

Our election nightmare will never be over

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

What was it the new chief executive, Gerald Ford, said as the old one, Richard Nixon, had just flown the coop? "My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over." It was Aug. 9, 1974, when the Nixon presidency became history. He had been consumed by the overlapping Watergate scandals.

There are so many differences between the "Tricky ...Read more



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