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Biden Acting Like Trump

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Maybe President Joe Biden had too many days of jet lag. Maybe he'd had it with the weasel words of diplospeak -- the Russian description of his meeting with President Vladimir Putin was "constructive"; the American's was "positive" -- or maybe it was too many hours without food. They didn't take a meal break. But by the time he met with ...Read more

Up Beyond Air

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Editor's Note: Please note the accent marks on the word "Karman" in the 3rd graph.

Twenty-eight million dollars! That's how much some rich person successfully bid to fly as the first passenger to beyond the edge of space. The flight is scheduled to lift off July 20, and the winner will accompany Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon who, as any ...Read more

International Date Line Questions

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

George Carlin had a hilarious routine describing his days as a parochial student. He'd try to stump the priest when Father would present an absolute:

"As good Catholics, we had to receive communion once between Ash Wednesday and Pentecost Sunday. And if we didn't receive it, it was considered a mortal sin. Suppose that you didn't make your ...Read more

Alien And Alienating

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"We know they are something; we just don't know what they are." How's that for a hard-hitting report from the feds? Later in the month, the Pentagon will issue just such a multiagency intelligence analysis in which they will have thoroughly examined the video and audio footage from what amount to military jet pilot body cameras. In these, pilots...Read more

Trump "Reinstated"

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A typical day in the Divided States of America: The New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump -- in case you've forgotten, the previous president -- has been telling friends and associates that he will be "reinstated" by August.

"He can simply be reinstated," Sidney Powell told a meeting of QAnon, whose slogan is "Where the inmates run the ...Read more

Prosecuting Trump

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There are several clues that Donald Trump is taking the possibility of his criminal prosecution seriously. First of all, he's calling the investigations "witch hunts," which is what he always does when he's guilty as sin. "Which witch hunt?" those of you who have managed to put Trump out of your mind might ask.

You and the fam might be deep in ...Read more

Deceitful Hypocrisy

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"I hope you are well." The variations of that hackneyed expression are endless, but you get the idea. Even before the pandemic, this one preceded nearly every bit of modern communication -- certain cliches that are not only empty and meaningless, but signal an insincerity, or even outright lies, will follow. I'd almost prefer an honest "I hope ...Read more

Human Cicadas

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Think of us as cicadas, the insects you've heard about ad nauseam, that live underground for 17 years and then surface to get it on. Well, we humans in the U.S. have sheltered in place for 17 months, give or take, tucked away from the ravages of COVID. And now we are about to find out how bawdy our bodies have become.

Now millions of ...Read more



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