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Biden needs attitudes not platitudes

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

We've all been lulled into believing that good manners will ultimately pay off, but let's get real. The truth is, when people go low, you shouldn't go high, as Michelle Obama famously advised. You should stomp the daylights out of them. If somebody hits you, turn the other cheek -- and when the other guy has been faked out by that, beat the snot...Read more

Much ado about nothing

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

In my role as a pundit-wannabe, I have always been strongly influenced by this single guiding principle: "If you can't dazzle them with your genius, baffle them with your bull----." In my world, it is a mortal sin to not have ready answers to any question, whether or not you know what you're talking about. So, I've always dreamed, as I've ...Read more

Recognize your unalienable right to fly a Baby Trump balloon

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Let's not get too excited over the plans of the protesters to bring over the hilarious "Baby Trump" balloon from London and put it aloft during the president's Independence Day speech at the Lincoln Memorial. First of all, shouldn't we remember the nation from whom we declared independence? Duh! July Fourth celebrates the self-evident truth that...Read more

Nothing's too tacky for Donald Trump

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Surely we can agree that the people at NASA are showing some true ingenuity with their plans to allow tourists to visit the International Space Station. Starting next year, private citizens will be able to book space (pardon the pun) for up to 30 days at a rate of $35,000 a night. Contact your travel agent for a special deal on transportation ...Read more

The game show should be called 'Serious Jeopardy'

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Let's play "Jeopardy," where the answers are questions. If Alex Trebek were to ask contestants to specify "A glaring contrast between Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald Trump," the correct response would be "What are class and crass?"

Of course, there are other differences between the two. The player says, "I'll take 'Liz and Don' for $400...Read more

Trump's controversies are most notable for their pettiness

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

As he exercises his Putin-given right as president to lay waste to the United States, it turns out that Donald Trump can really draw from only a very few weapons in his quiver as he causes all the traditional allies to quiver. When all else fails, he pulls out his favorite economy-piercing arrow: the tariff.

Got a problem with immigration? ...Read more

Making a point with high-volume quiet

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

In a toxic national environment that usually rewards loud, hateful bluster, it warms the heart to listen to points rendered far more effective by being delivered in an understated manner. "If you really want to be heard, whisper," so the saying goes. When you need living proof, look no further than now ex-special counsel Bob Mueller, who joins ...Read more

Trump is sumo wrestling with the nation's business

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

I avoid making fun of someone's physical appearance. I really do. But I'm totally struggling here, folks. All I can say is that the White House image mavens who allowed Donald Trump to be seen with a 390-pound sumo wrestler in Tokyo really blew it.

I can't imagine how it was that Donald Trump, who is all about branding, would agree to such a ...Read more


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