AIG Sued the Gov't? Jesse Ventura's Big Media Blindspot

The American people weren't the only ones upset with the 2008 Bailout. The Former CEO and chairman of AIG, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, was so dismayed by how the Bailout was handled that he sued the U.S. Government... and (kind of) won! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan are again on the case of another Big Media Blindspot that...

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Why Felons Can't Vote and Why They Should

Why can convicted felons run for office if they can't vote? Because all politicians are crooks! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan investigate the origins of felon voting rights, and why many states disenfranchise ex-convicts. Do you think felons should be allowed to vote? Sound off on Twitter @GovJVentura or on http://www....

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From 9/11 to Gun Control: The Truth About Conspiracy Theories

Jesse Ventura takes on skeptic Michael Shermer, author of the book "The Moral Arc," on 9/11 and other conspiracy theories: what separates fact from fiction? The two go head-to-head on a variety of hot topics, including the official 9/11 report, climate change, and gun control. Have a question for the Governor? Tweet Jesse @GovJVentura!

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Jesse Ventura Vs. Wall Street's Fat Cat Conspiracy

Too Big to Fail... or Too Big to Jail? The 2008 Bailout was one of the biggest conspiracies of the millennium. Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan lay down the facts on the robbery of the American public by AIG. Why didn't anyone go to jail after this debacle? Sound off on Twitter @GovJVentura or on http://www.ora.tv/...

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How the Government Commits Voter Fraud

MTV said Rock the Vote, but the GOP would rather Suppress the Vote! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan get to the bottom of voter fraud. Is it committed by the voting public? Or is it perpetrated by those already in power? Sound off on Twitter @GovJVentura or on http://www.ora.tv/offthegrid.

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Smart Guns: Lifesavers or 2nd Amendment Violators?

An 18-year-old Real Life Vigilante invented a smart gun that allows only authorized users to fire their weapons. Will this save hundreds of lives or is this infringing on our Second Amendment rights? Jesse Ventura invites young inventor Kai Kloepfer (kaikloepfer.com) onto #OffTheGrid to get the lowdown on his biotech breakthrough. Would you ...

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Jesse Ventura: Citizens Unite Against Citizens United!

How should our elections be financed? How can we prevent our 2016 elections from costing up to $10 billion? In this edition of #WWJVD, Jesse Ventura gives you the answers, encouraging all Americans to unite against Citizens United: money should not equal free speech. "Corporations themselves cannot participate in elections, because a ...

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Government For Sale: How the 2016 Elections Are Bought!

Who's funding Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Watch Jesse Ventura investigate the backers of the 2016 presidential elections! Plus, does money translate into popularity? How come Jeb's raking in over $100 million in campaign financing but still sitting at the bottom of the polls? Watch and find out!

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2016: The Most Expensive Election...Ever?

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur joins Jesse Ventura to take on the 2016 elections, which may just me the most expensive ever. Experts are predicting the campaigns alone could cost up to $10 billion. Let's repeat that: $10 billion! Plus, Cenk and Jesse discuss the possibility of a Ventura 2016 run. Find out who Jesse's VP pick would be and why it...

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The School of Hard Cops

Police brutality isn't just in the streets anymore; it's in our schools. As more situations of Police on student brutality begin to dominate the news, many wonder if their presence is doing more harm than good. Tune in to this all new #WWJVD as Jesse Ventura tackles the history of School Resource Officers and gives his ideas on how to ...

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How Much Are The Police Really Costing You?

Police misconduct is becoming a common daily occurrence in America causing states to hand our millions of dollars in settlements to victims of police brutality. But who pays for those settlements? Today on #OffTheGrid, Jesse Ventura investigates how much police misconduct really costs you. Do you think the U.S. is in a police state? Sound ...

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