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William Murchison on

You can tell we're getting restless -- twitching and twisting and otherwise maneuvering ourselves into the familiar postures that characterized life, say, last January. We're homesick -- sick of being at home and making allowances for spouses, children, boarders, TV personalities. And presidents.

We're ready to blame others and cast aspersions -- poor-mouth according to our wont. Back to our personal standards of perfection: we the blame-casters against the fools and rogues around us. Don't they see what we see? Rarely.

I exempt no political tribe: though I cannot forbear to note the contribution of a New York Times writer, one Jennifer Senior, to the current quest for enlightenment and assurance. Senior ascribes our current health and economic problems, numerous of them, to what she represents as President Donald Trump's, ah, mental and psychological challenges.

Well, why not? Didn't Trump personally start the Great Chicago Fire? Didn't he incite the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? I'm sure he must have. Who else would have dared?

I leave the president to reckon with the electorate in November and with St. Peter when the bill falls due. What's going on at the level of human life?

You might be surprised, The New York Times notwithstanding. At the human level of life, nonelected members of our race are figuring things out without necessarily having been told how or why. Seeing challenges, they thoughtfully stroke their chins and ...


This is from just the Monday Wall Street Journal:

-- Unable to get supplies for coronavirus testing, private labs -- private, if you please -- are making their own chemical mixtures. A Tennessee high school -- high school, if you please -- lab "managed to set up testing operations, with two science teachers leading the charge to reduce turnaround time in their area."

-- Samaritan's Purse, the experienced and valued relief operation run by Billy Graham's son Franklin, has set up a field hospital in New York City's Central Park, despite initial pushback from the mayor, who suspects Christian organizations of pushing a Christian agenda.

-- A couple of late-night comedians are trying to make a humor-starved America laugh, with repurposed jokes about getting by and getting past this, the Time of Coronavirus.


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