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William Murchison on

The essence of democracy is free speech, and the essence of free speech is assertion. For instance ...

1. Privately owned firearms should be confiscated.

2. Everybody should own a firearm.

3. No Republican's any good.

4. No Democrat's any good.

5. "The current president ... is a threat to democracy."


6. "House Democrats' novel theory of 'abuse of power' as an impeachable offense subverts constitutional standards ... "

And so on -- as Senate Republicans (see Assertion 6, above) counterpose their own set of assertions to Democratic claims (see Assertion 5, from The New York Times on Jan. 20) as to the need for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

This is democracy all right -- a shriveled and diminished species of democracy, hardly connectable to national needs and requirements. The show will go on for an indeterminate number of days, ending with senatorial refusal, on a party-line vote, to order Trump's removal from the presidency.

Indulging in my democratic right to assertion, I assert that the impeachment of Donald Trump is the biggest waste of national time conceivable. The U.S. House has given us a sideshow attempt to throw the president out of office, putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of rearranging the federal government for nine or 10 months prior to the national election scheduled according to the Constitution. What national good would this accomplish? We're evidently supposed to figure that out for ourselves. The throw-him-out Democrats don't lay out the details. We're here because we're here because we're here because ...


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