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Mideast forecast: Steady violence with occasional resolve

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

There goes the neighborhood. Joining in the celebration of Israel's 70th birthday this spring, the American State Department will be there as it was at the creation of the Jewish state. However unwillingly.

Back then, the president was Harry S. Truman, and he too took the boldest of steps, recognizing the state of Israel within minutes after it...Read more

The evangelist who made St. Paul look small

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

He must have been the most wildly successful preacher in temporal history by the time he died in North Carolina, where he was born 99 years ago. He walked with presidents and kings, commoners and the uncommon, yet never lost the common touch.

They all learned to call him Billy, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. He stood there like an ...Read more

Uninvited guests

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

In the unlikely event that readers may not have noticed, this country has developed a three-party system. For in addition to the usual Democrats and Republicans, there are the Russians, who even now are trying to horn in on this country's mid-term elections.

Just the other day, the U.S. Senate's intelligence committee was warned by one of its ...Read more

What use are prodigies?

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Everybody hates a prodigy, detests an old head on young shoulders.

--Desiderius Erasmus

It was the late 1950s, the apex of the Age of Cool, when the hottest thing in the chess world was a boy wonder named Bobby Fischer, who flashed across the sky like a meteorite in the dark night. Fans of the game that is less a game than an obsession were ...Read more

Drilling reprieve

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

It started out as a sweeping proposal to open coastal waters all around the United States to exploration and exploitation for oil. No doubt in just that order. Only now this administration is having second and much better thoughts after the people and politicians of Florida voiced what sounded like a near-unanimous reaction to this ...Read more

This too shall pass

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

We the People's fickle attention span was captured the other day by a dramatic fall in stock indices -- the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500 Index, the NASDAQ composite, the Russell 2000 index of smaller companies. ... All went down, down, down as the market had its worst day in...Read more

What's an education for?

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. But what used to go by the honest, simple name of vocational education is now being marketed under the upscale brand of Career Education in keeping with the recurrent rage for rebranding products.

This state's educrats and those who ...Read more

The two Donalds

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

What a pity Americans can't take their choice between a president who has delivered on his campaign promises to strengthen the economy by cutting taxes and a cartoonish lout who tweets the whole day long, embarrassing himself and his country. But the two Trumps can't be separated; both are part of the same schizophrenic package. You can't have ...Read more

What cannot continue eventually won't

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

A worried dictator sings a worried song, even if he feels obliged to deliver its refrain with a fired gun in place. For even Hassan Rouhani, leader for now of Iran's theocracy, seems to have felt obliged to note publicly that the natives have grown restless. And has had to add his support of their expression, if through clenched teeth.

"People ...Read more

The Gulf endangered once again

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

How little, if anything, this country seems to have learned from the environmental, economic and just plain human disaster that was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill some seven years ago. For now the regulators have become deregulators in the spirit of these Trumpian times. Donald and the Trumpettes seem unable to perceive where they are headed: a...Read more

For free trade, free ideas and institutions sure to follow

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

At times like these, it's a pity that this column doesn't come to you, Gentle Reader, in sound. So we could all hear the distinctive growl of Winston Churchill reminding us all that "Jaw-jaw is better than war-war." That advice applies as well to trade wars as it does to the kind conducted with shot and shell.

To quote Robert Holleyman, who ...Read more

Pour-down economics

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

It's been denounced as trickle-down economics, but at least since the late great Ronald Reagan's time, it's worked again and again. First pour-down economics re-ignited the moribund economy that the hapless Jimmy Carter left the country when he departed the White House at the beginning of the 1980s to make way for the Great Communicator. ...Read more


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