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The saints next door

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

In a document made public the other day by the Vatican, the Pope called on his flock the world over to live holy lives whatever their weekday occupations. He referred to the "saints next door" whose lives may please God more than those of high ecclesiastical authorities like himself who interpret and enforce the rules and regulations of the Holy...Read more

Along the old Silk Road

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Everywhere you look along one of the most fabled trade routes in the annals of man--the old silk road that winds across Russia's steppes toward far Cathay--you'll find evidence that the Jews were here once upon a long-ago time.

According to a story by Andrew Higgins in the New York Times, a relative handful, maybe 100 to 150 by most estimates, ...Read more

How a trade war becomes a world war

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Both sides in the developing trade war between Beijing and Washington are heating up their rhetoric in preparation for a climactic showdown that can only wound both sides as it continues. Our president and agitator-in-chief is still tweeting like mad, as in this bellicose bulletin: "The United States hasn't had a Trade Surplus with China in 40 ...Read more

Needed: More immigrants

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Despite our president's mixed signals when it comes to the overheated issue of immigration, the plain fact cannot be denied: Immigrants are a net asset to this country's economy. They are also the foundation of our national character.

For this is a nation made up of immigrants and their descendants, and dedicated to the proposition that we are ...Read more

Around they go

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Once upon a better time, a wiser president of these less than United States of America made certain that the representatives of all contending views were separately but equally represented in his circle of advisers. Happily, a natural and beneficial rivalry exists between any modern president's national security adviser (John Bolton as of ...Read more

Solidarity again

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Haven't we been here before? It all feels so familiar, even comfortable. Once again, the world is conveniently divided between east and west, freedom and tyranny, them and us. You can almost feel your way around in the darkness cast by the fear of a thermonuclear confrontation between old enemies. No more playing palsy-walsy with The Bear That ...Read more

Bolton's back

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

At last the president of these all-too-divided United States of America has found a national security adviser whose top priority, sure enough, is the security of this country. His name will be well known to those who follow televised news and opinion, for he's been around for what seems like forever, and brings to the job a well-honed set of ...Read more

Ruthless Erdogan will show no mercy on the Kurds

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

It is a terrible thing to be a people without a state or province to call its own. Just ask the Kurds, who now find themselves under the hell of Turkey's ruthless ruler, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who may as well be one of the Turkish sultans of the past.

For he has unleashed a campaign of genocidal fury against people of his ever-expanding realm. ...Read more

The science of history

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

His name was Ibn Khaldun. He lived from 1332 to 1406 in this our Common Era, which was the only thing common about him.

Descriptions bestowed on Ibn Khaldun, according to Eric Ormsby in the March 16 Wall Street Journal, include First Philosopher of History and father of sociology, among many another honorific. English historian ...Read more

Trump's revolving cabinet

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

It's anybody's guess who'll be in and who'll be out of our president's cabinet tomorrow. Or whose name he'll be floating next for a top position in these currently less than United States of America.

The first and one of the greatest American presidents and commanders, George Washington, insisted that both parties and then-dominant philosophies...Read more

Mideast forecast: Steady violence with occasional resolve

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

There goes the neighborhood. Joining in the celebration of Israel's 70th birthday this spring, the American State Department will be there as it was at the creation of the Jewish state. However unwillingly.

Back then, the president was Harry S. Truman, and he too took the boldest of steps, recognizing the state of Israel within minutes after it...Read more

The evangelist who made St. Paul look small

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

He must have been the most wildly successful preacher in temporal history by the time he died in North Carolina, where he was born 99 years ago. He walked with presidents and kings, commoners and the uncommon, yet never lost the common touch.

They all learned to call him Billy, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. He stood there like an ...Read more

Uninvited guests

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

In the unlikely event that readers may not have noticed, this country has developed a three-party system. For in addition to the usual Democrats and Republicans, there are the Russians, who even now are trying to horn in on this country's mid-term elections.

Just the other day, the U.S. Senate's intelligence committee was warned by one of its ...Read more

What use are prodigies?

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Everybody hates a prodigy, detests an old head on young shoulders.

--Desiderius Erasmus

It was the late 1950s, the apex of the Age of Cool, when the hottest thing in the chess world was a boy wonder named Bobby Fischer, who flashed across the sky like a meteorite in the dark night. Fans of the game that is less a game than an obsession were ...Read more

Drilling reprieve

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

It started out as a sweeping proposal to open coastal waters all around the United States to exploration and exploitation for oil. No doubt in just that order. Only now this administration is having second and much better thoughts after the people and politicians of Florida voiced what sounded like a near-unanimous reaction to this ...Read more

This too shall pass

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

We the People's fickle attention span was captured the other day by a dramatic fall in stock indices -- the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500 Index, the NASDAQ composite, the Russell 2000 index of smaller companies. ... All went down, down, down as the market had its worst day in...Read more

What's an education for?

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. But what used to go by the honest, simple name of vocational education is now being marketed under the upscale brand of Career Education in keeping with the recurrent rage for rebranding products.

This state's educrats and those who ...Read more


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