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Americans have amnesia regarding the anarcho-tyrannists!

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Is it just me or has the entire universe of establishment media, politics and Hollywood forgotten that this country has endured an entire year of relentless violent anarchotyranny?

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters set businesses and churches ablaze, smashed state capitols and laid siege to federal courthouses. They permanently destroyed ...Read more

I warned you the Zuckerberg would steal the election, and he did!

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

You were warned.

In September 2020, right here in this nationally syndicated newspaper column and on a subsequent report on my Newsmax show, "Sovereign Nation," I sounded the alarm over Silicon Valley's hijacking of our election system through a private nonprofit called the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

In October, I tipped off the ...Read more

May 2021 be the death knell for COVID control freakism

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

If there were ever a time to "question authority," as the old counterculture slogan of the 1960s urged, the authoritarian age of COVID-19 is that time. 2020 will go down in American history as the year that public health "experts" got everything wrong.

It's not just that their judgment was faulty. It's that time and again, the professional ...Read more

Abominable omnibus bill is an 'America last' porkulus

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

This country is not governed by a "Republican Party" and a "Democratic Party." It is governed by an establishment "uniparty" that betrays our citizens at every turn. Exhibit A: The joint annual ritual of fiscal vulgarity known as the omnibus spending bill.

While Americans are distracted with the holidays, Beltway crapweasels stuff their ...Read more

Corporate media only focused on the worst during patriotic citizens' march

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Here is a textbook illustration of how the corporate media's sins of omission can be far more damning than the corrupted industry's sins of commission.

Over the weekend, thousands of patriotic citizens descended on Washington, D.C., to protest election fraud and defend President Donald Trump. Left-wing "black bloc" mobs threw water bottles, ...Read more

COVID-Gate: The more you know, the clearer the choice. Do not consent

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Patient rights and bioethics are impossible without truly informed consent. This fundamental concept has vanished from public view faster than paper towels and toilet paper from your grocery shelves. Informed consent matters more than ever because we are entering the most coercive era of medical tyranny in human history.

If the public health-...Read more

Trump refuses to yield control and dominion over their votes to the thieves, cheats and liars

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

PHOENIX -- A motley throng of patriots amassed Monday at the Hyatt Regency for a raucously peaceful "Stop the Steal" rally. There were Zoomers and Boomers, "America First" leaders and Proud Boys, tea party veterans and indie Donald Trump loyalists. I flew down from Colorado to lend my support to all these anti-establishment activists brave and ...Read more

COVID-Gate: More Corruption of Clinical Trials and Crusader Bias

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Participants in Pfizer and Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials can't stop blabbing. The media is overflowing with testimonials explaining "Why I Volunteered" or "What It Was Like To Participate In The Clinical Trial For Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine." Loudmouth liberal writer Molly Jong-Fast publicly begged for beatification:

"Call Me the ...Read more

COVID-Gate: The Corruption of Clinical Trials

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

"Truly striking." "Tremendous." "Extraordinary." "Miraculous." "A great day for science and humanity." Those are just a few of the hyperbolic responses from government health officials and Big Pharma cheerleaders to preliminary COVID vaccine trial data released by Pfizer and Moderna this past week.

If it all sounds too good to be true, then ...Read more

No time for phony healing

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not forgive, forget, or surrender. We resoundingly reject the phony olive branches of former Vice President Joe Biden.

After liberal media operatives prematurely declared Biden the winner of election 2020 this weekend, Biden's handlers carefully trotted him out in front of ...Read more

The National Lawyers Guild is not on the side of justice but of revolution

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Buckle up. No matter what happens on Election Day, as I've warned for months, we are in for a long and wild ride. Over Halloween weekend, businesses in every major city across the country boarded up their windows and police departments prepared for "civil unrest."

I abhor that propagandistic euphemism, don't you? "Unrest" is when you've had a ...Read more

Left-wing mob prepared to destroy nationwide in the name of preserving "democracy"

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Ready or not, here they come. The ground troops of the anti-Donald Trump resistance aren't just biding their time until Election Day for Hidin' Joe Biden. Hell no. They're making their direct action checklists and checking them twice. They're training for instigating.

No matter the outcome at the ballot box, the left-wing mob is prepared to ...Read more

We are trapped in a manufactured "oppression matrix" by the most comfortable and protected of liberal elites

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Is there any clearer sign of how privileged a society is than the disproportionate amount of time that society spends guilting citizens over how privileged they are?

I'll never forget the first time I encountered "critical race theory" and its overbearing adherents at my alma mater, Oberlin College, in the 1990s. Multicultural studies were all ...Read more



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