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Only when praying to God should you be on your knees

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Dear law-abiding Americans: You have done nothing wrong. Being white is not a crime. Being a Trump voter is not a crime. Being a police officer sworn to "protect and serve" every day is not a crime. Being a non-white police officer proud to uphold and enforce law and order is not a crime. Being a black or brown or yellow American who rejects ...Read more

Where's our protection from the globalism virus?

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Look out. An "army of contact tracers" is about to be unleashed on America. Corporations, political lobbyists and government bureaucracies all win. Privacy, freedom and family autonomy all lose. Big time.

You may have already heard of the aptly named House Bill 6666, sponsored by Illinois Dem. Bobby Rush. Known as the Testing, Reaching and ...Read more

Stop training Saudi Arabia's jihad pilots

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

I'm glad the FBI was able to crack the iPhones of the Pensacola naval air base shooter, which confirmed that radicalized Royal Saudi Air Force second lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani had communicated with al-Qaida to carry out a "special operation." Three young American patriots died in Alshamrani's December 2019 attack. The more information...Read more

We must protect our families From Fearmonger Fauci

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

This Mother's Day weekend, my family defied government pandemania. We drove out east from Colorado Springs to the tiny town of Calhan for a lovely little hike in the purple-and-gold-hued Paint Mines archeological district. Unmasked, we basked in the sunshine, fresh air and freedom. The park was teeming with moms like me who put family bonding ...Read more

Big Google is watching your children

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Schools remain shuttered across the country, 30 million Americans are out of work, and food banks are running low, but the edutech sector is booming. Silicon Valley companies are feasting on an exploding client base of quarantined students held hostage to "online learning." Big Google is leading the way -- and that is not OK.

Unsuspecting ...Read more

Notes on the coming meat shortage

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

The Great Toilet Paper Scare of 2020 has come to end, but don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. The Spring Meat Stampede is here.

At my local Costco in Colorado Springs on Monday, fresh chicken breast was nowhere to be found. Nationwide, bacon prices doubled. Wholesale pork prices for ham, ribs and loins rose between 12% and 32% over the ...Read more

Swiss cheese-holed farce of an "immigration ban" will do more harm than good

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

President Donald Trump unleashed his "April surprise" on Monday night, sending shock waves from the Beltway Swamp to Silicon Valley with a long-overdue announcement: "In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens," he declared, "I will be signing an Executive Order to ...Read more

Phyllis Schlafly is the godmother of "America First"

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

Anti-patriot hatred never rests. Hollywood has launched a new character assassination vehicle targeting the late great Phyllis Schlafly. "Mrs. America" debuts on FX on Hulu this week with liberal actress Cate Blanchett starring as the traditionalist Catholic conservative activist who defeated the so-called Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s and...Read more

How long must we carry out this grand farce of American social distancing?

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

This week in Colorado, our statewide stay-at-home order was extended until April 26. Gov. Jared Polis urged everyone to wear a mask of any kind while outdoors. Local groceries are limiting customers to one every 120 square feet of the store. For the first time, my neighborhood playground on Tuesday was wrapped in bright yellow "CAUTION" tape. ...Read more

Questions about state department's 'China first' shipment

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

A little less than two months ago, the U.S. State Department made a curious announcement that suggests President Trump's "America First" administration put "China First" at a critical moment during the burgeoning Wuhan pandemic.

I asked the State Department about the controversy this week -- and the vague and nonresponsive responses I received ...Read more

Chutzpah: The Anti Defamation League wants a federal bailout

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

When I think of "essential" workers in America, the smear merchants of the Anti-Defamation League are at the bottom of the barrel. For decades, they've demonized conservatives and Christians as agents of "hate" and treated our very existence as incitements to violence. The ADL's manufactured outrage machine has broadened its target list to ...Read more

Crisis socialism or no bailouts for open borders globalists

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

No. No. No. No. No. The answer from the American people across the political spectrum to the airline industry's plea for a $50 billion taxpayer-subsidized bailout in the Age of WuFlu must be "Hell, no!" times 50 billion.

Why should working-class American citizens being laid off from restaurants, bars, grocery stores, ports, gyms, entry-level ...Read more

The "deep state" of entrenched bureaucrats is alive and thriving at the CDC

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

I think I'm where most sane people are on the coronavirus outbreak:

--Concerned but not panicked.

--Calm but not apathetic.

--Taking reasonable precautions but remaining skeptical of what all the purportedly "best experts" here in the United States are telling us about every aspect of their belated crisis management and response (especially ...Read more


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