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Zelenskyy is the Reagan of Ukraine

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Volodynyr Zelenskyy has made quite a quick and dramatic transition.

In less than six years he’s gone from a comedian and TV actor to politician to president of Ukraine to global hero.

Zelenskyy has become Ukraine’s voice of resistance – the brave leader who refuses to surrender or flee in the face of the brutal and massive invasion of his country by Vladimir Putin’s military machine.

While Putin has become the free world’s Great Satan, people everywhere are praising Zelenskyy and even comparing him to historic war-time leaders like Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin.

Not to diminish Zelenskyy’s personal courage or the moral power of his calls for military help from NATO and the United States, but when it comes to great leaders in the world today, there isn’t much competition.


Joe Biden? Boris Johnson? Emmanuel Macron of France?

Not exactly modern day Reagans, Thatchers and Pope John Pauls, are they?

To defend his country Zelenskyy needs some deadly stuff – modern jet planes and lots more advanced shoulder-fired Javelin anti-tank and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

While he’s waiting to see what weapons he’ll get, he’s just received a freedom award from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute.


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