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Beware the Control Freaks on the Left, Mr. Musk!

Michael Reagan on

Should I be offended by the fact I never got kicked off Old Twitter? Its wokesters-in-charge must have missed some of the mean things I tweeted about Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden and MSNBC’s insufferable and barely watched Joy Reid.

Old Twitter never gave me a blue check mark to prove I’m really me, either.

But maybe Elon Musk will give me one when he officially takes over and retools Twitter into the free, open and politically diverse Internet forum for debate, commentary and verbal egg-throwing that it should be.

Free speech is the last thing the liberal-left mob wants, of course, which is why they are in full meltdown mode this week over Musk’s purchase of Big Tech’s most influential bullhorn of information and opinion.

“O my God, someone who truly believes in free speech has bought Twitter!

“What if he lets just anyone tweet whatever disinformation they want about the ineffectiveness of COVID vaccines or Hunter Biden’s laptop!”


The left didn’t have a problem with Old Twitter being owned by a billionaire plutocrat as long as it was one of their billionaire plutocrats.

Democrats and the liberal media weren’t worried about Old Twitter’s harmful influence on political discourse as long as its in-house thought police threw the right people like President Trump and Tucker Carlson off the platform.

And I guess everything was equally peachy as long as Old Twitter’s computer engineers rigged the algorithms to make sure the “wrong” political ideas, government criticisms or even jokes were shadow banned or deep-sixed entirely.

But now when a zillionaire who believes in absolute free speech for all buys Twitter and breaks up the left’s monopoly on Big Tech, the future of democracy in America is at risk?


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