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Pitching softballs to Joe Biden

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Joe Biden didn’t disappoint me.

At his press conference this week he was the same old strange guy with the same old predictable excuses for one of the most hapless rookie presidential years in history.

The liberal media reporters didn’t disappoint me.

I knew they’d ask a bunch of friendly questions about issues most of the American people don’t care about – and they did.

Who did disappoint me at this week’s endless Q&A session with the cognitively challenged leader of the Free World, however, were the conservative reporters from Fox News and Newsmax.


Normally, you can count on Peter Doocy of Fox News and James Rosen of Newsmax to play a little hardball – to ask Biden the tough questions.

We know the liberal reporters in the White House pool will never grill Biden on any of the ongoing national disasters he’s created or made worse – soaring inflation, a permanent invasion of illegal immigrants at our Southern border and the crime wave sweeping our cities come to mind.

So what tough question did Doocy ask Biden?

“Why are you trying so hard in your first year to pull the country so far to the left?”


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