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Will Jill Save Us From Old Joe?

Michael Reagan on

Boris took two questions – from foreign reporters, not American ones.

Then, when it became apparent that White House reporters were going to start peppering Biden with questions he hadn’t been prepped for, the president’s staff cut them off and started shrieking at the media to clear the room like it was on fire.

But this kind of clumsy, protect-the-demented-president strategy doesn’t make me mad at Old Joe. It makes me sad. I feel sorry for him.

It’s one thing for the White House staff and liberal media to pretend all is right with Joe Biden’s brain. They all voted for him in 2020 and will protect him as long as they can.

But where is first lady Jill Biden? Where are the president's brothers and family members?

They know better than anyone how far Old Joe has declined, but they apparently care more about the perks of keeping a Biden in the Oval Office.


Who I’m most pissed off at is his wife, Jill Biden, who apparently wanted to be first lady more than she wanted to be a good “doctor” and do what’s best for her own husband.

Ditto for the selfishness of Biden’s political staff. Apparently, it’s more important for them to keep calling the shots in the White House than it is to do the right thing for a man who clearly has dementia.

I get it. I enjoyed being the son of a president. It was pretty cool – sometimes – to be protected 24/7 by Secret Service agents.

But my God, my father’s health was always a heck of a lot more important to me than taking trips in Air Force One or having access to the Oval Office.


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