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Will Jill Save Us From Old Joe?

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Does anyone on the planet really still believe Joe Biden has the mental faculties to be president?

Anyone in Congress? Anyone in the media? Seriously.

It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to be honest. Skip the partisanship.

It’s not about how much you hate Donald Trump or Republicans or Fox News. It’s not about your opinion of VP Kamala Harris.

It’s not about the series of major domestic and foreign train wrecks Joe Biden has engineered in just eight months – the immigration crisis at the Southern border, the demolition of our energy independence, the botched, tragic and humiliating exit from Afghanistan.


It’s about a sitting American president who proves every day that he doesn’t have the mental chops – or the physical stamina – to be in charge of the most powerful and most important country on Earth.

Watching Biden stumble through the motions of being president makes you understand why his keepers hide him in his basement from the media.

Anyone who watched his mini-press conference in the Oval Office with Boris Johnson this week couldn’t help but be embarrassed for Biden and the country.

It was a pathetic sight to see Boris commandeer the “presser” and screw up the plans of Biden’s handlers – Biden’s controllers, really.


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