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Emanuel doesn’t care about ideological purity tests as he seeks political resurrection from Biden

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

That wailing you hear involving Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Joe Biden and the left clinging to its ideological purity tests sounds like something out of a horror movie.

But as Rahm seeks political resurrection at Biden’s hands, here’s the thing:

Chicago has seen Rahm’s movie before.

Chicago remembers him as the mayor who sat on that Laquan McDonald police shooting video until after his reelection was safe.

And I remember him running for reelection while his administration suppressed that video, as Rahm played his Barack Obama card as the former president’s chief of staff.

Rahm stood on the South Side with adoring Black ministers gathered around him who promised to get out the vote for their mayor who’d been graced by Obama.


A minister said their “knowledge and wisdom of God” led them to endorse him for reelection.

Rahm closed his eyes. His face turned toward heaven as the Holy Political Spirit came upon him, even as he sat on that video of the Black teenager being shot 16 times by a white cop.

There is no forgetting that.

But others try willfully to forget, as Rahm uses his Washington media contacts, hoping that if he keeps clamoring from the political grave that he dug for himself back then, perhaps Biden will take pity.


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