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Joe Biden won't say no to Democratic threats to pack the Supreme Court

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Just the other day, a reporter in Las Vegas pressed Biden, asking: “Don’t the voters deserve to know where you stand?”

“No, they don’t deserve,” Biden said. “I’m not going to play (Donald Trump’s) game.”

But this isn’t Trump’s game. This is the Democrats' game, and it’s all about threats and force to damage an institution. And that’s no game, Joe.

Trump and Republicans aren’t the authors of this. Democratic candidates for president, including Kamala Harris, were quite open to the idea.

Democrats are incensed at President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. And Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York, echoing his party, says that everything is “on the table” if Democrats take the Senate and the White House.

Now, fearful of angering his party’s left wing, Biden is avoiding the issue. It is a clear indicator of how he’d govern as a figurehead president, a dry reed in their wind.


“There’s only one reason why you refuse to answer that question: It’s if you’re wanting to be able to do it but you don’t want to take the heat for the fact that you’re thinking about doing it right now,” Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said.

But the court-packing issue is not going to go away. It was front and center during Judge Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearings. And Lee took full advantage in his remarks, telling Democrats that by adding members, they would “delegitimize the court.”

“And you can’t delegitimize the court without fundamentally threatening and eroding and impairing some of our most valued liberties. You can’t do that (court-packing) without inevitably threatening things like religious freedom, things like free speech, things that are themselves often unpopular but are protected by the Constitution precisely because they are unpopular.

“The whole reason to have a Constitution is to protect us from the impulse of a majority that might be bent on harming the few in the name of the many,” Lee said.


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