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Joe Biden won't say no to Democratic threats to pack the Supreme Court

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Will Joe Biden’s stubborn insistence that Americans “don’t deserve” to know where he stands on packing the Supreme Court cost the Democrats in the Nov. 3 election?


At issue are numerous Democratic threats — if they win the White House and control of the Senate — to increase the number of Supreme Court justices and ram liberal policy into law that they otherwise couldn’t dream of getting through Congress.

The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, freedom of speech, the right to defend yourselves, all would be fair game to a packed liberal Democratic court.

The number of justices has been set at nine for 150 years, and even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with a Democratic supermajority in Congress, failed when he tried increasing it in 1937.

Biden was offered up by his party as a moderating voice against the hard left that brings energy, rage and an ever-present threat of political force to muscle through its agenda. By saying voters “don’t deserve” to know if he supports packing the court, Biden caves to the radical wing of his party.


The left, as we’ve seen for years now and especially this past summer, is about force. Force in the streets, destroying history and tearing down statues, even statues of abolitionists. Force on campuses threatening and silencing dissent. Force of the cancel culture, which is all about intimidating those who disagree, at schools, at the workplace, even in American newsrooms.

And now we see the threat of force against the independence and credibility of the Supreme Court, the one stable institution in a nation divided by angry tribal politics.

Biden once thought court-packing would undermine the court’s independence and called it “boneheaded” years ago.

But he’s been dodging the court-packing issue on the campaign trail for weeks.


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