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Coronavirus just another reason to avoid salad bars

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Even with all the media attention on coronavirus, we're missing the really big story:

Those disgusting hot food bars and salad bars at various supermarkets and food courts near you.

People put their hands on the lettuce. They cough on the olives. Multiple hands touch the ladles and spoons.

And government does nothing.

Consider that video that went viral before the coronavirus outbreak. It was of a man at the hot food bar at a grocery store, slurping cream of broccoli soup from the ladle. He put his lips and tongue all over that ladle.

Then he put the ladle back into the soup.


Don't tell me the ladle licker is some isolated case. I'm a germaphobe who grew up in the grocery store business, and I've seen some things.

That's why I've always hated salad and hot food bars. The ladle lickers are out there, and you know it.

Coronavirus is serious business. I'm not mocking what could be a pandemic. The government -- national, state and local -- tell us not to panic.

But I'm a news consumer too, and how can you consume endless stories about quarantines, canceled conventions, canceled sporting events, empty hotels and offices, no personal cups at Starbucks, and not feel nervous?


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