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Democrats' impeachment of Trump is way too thin

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Where did the Trump impeachment go?

When House Democrats began selling tickets to their President Donald Trump Impeachment Theater -- shouting their outrage, preening on those late-night talk shows -- it was much meatier business.

It would be full of collusion with Russia, blackmail of Ukraine. It would contain extortion and go heavy on bribery.

The way the Democrats sold it, Americans were to expect some giant roast, bone in, with a rich, thick gravy, to feed a nation longing for justice from Orange Man Bad.

At least that's what Democrats promised. But that's not what they delivered for consideration for a vote by the full House, was it?

What they offered weren't High Crimes and Misdemeanors. They didn't serve up alleged crimes. Instead, they offered only attitude and rhetoric, without meat and bone.


They promised everything and yet ended up providing nothing, like air sandwiches offered to feed that angry mob they've stoked since the day Trump infuriated them by not losing the election to Hillary Clinton.

"I feel ... thin. Sort of stretched, like ... butter scraped over too much bread," said the plucky little Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, in "Lord of the Rings."

When Democrats began selling impeachment, they weren't little Hobbits, but giants to be carved in stone, with Old Glory behind them as they mouthed the words of Benjamin Franklin about saving the republic.

So, where has the impeachment gone, the impeachment that was promised?


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