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Democratic mayors and the gift of Donald Trump

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

After decades of one-party rule in cities torn by violent crime, public education crises, chronic homelessness and growing taxpayer despair, Democratic mayors have finally found a friend.

President Donald Trump.

In Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and, just the other day, Chicago, Trump proves again just how helpful he can be to Democratic mayors.

He's their gift.

You doubt me? Then think back to biology class, where you learned about mutually symbiotic relationships.

The bee and the flower. The Egyptian plover and the crocodile. Algae and spider crabs. Or, if you're particularly fixated on algae, then try algae and fungus.


I'm not assigning the role of fungus to either Democratic mayors or the Republican president. But both sides benefit mutually.

Aiming at suburban and rural white working-class votes in swing states, Trump attacks historically broken big-city Democratic policy with a brazen, mocking vulgarity that outrages the mayors, living as they do within their blue bubble.

The mayors attack him right back, with vigor, playing to their voters by calling him a racist. Terrible insults are traded. It all gets so personal and tribal. And, as any political biologist would tell you, it's all quite predictable.

Trump becomes the orange-haired totem that Democratic mayors shake in rage above their constituents, just as he holds street gangs of illegal immigrants like MS-13 up to his faithful.


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