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Ginsburg’s death puts rule of law and the Constitution on November ballot

From the Right / John Kass /

The death of the liberal icon Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, greatly admired even by her opponents, has wildly transformed the presidential campaign.

It was once about Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump.

But now, the rule of law is on the ballot. The Constitution is on the ballot.

And Trump and Biden are ...Read more

If the little things get to you, then you’re probably a voter

From the Right / John Kass /

In a thoroughly forgettable movie about a drug-addled street urchin, played by Bridget Fonda, being transformed into a poised and glamorous assassin, the thoroughly unforgettable Anne Bancroft delivered a special line.

When you’re afraid or nervous and under pressure, Bancroft’s character told Fonda’s, you’ll need something offhand to ...Read more

Let's play a game of 'what if?' with the easy answer that Republicans are always better

From the Right / John Kass /

Do you want to play a game? It’s politics with a twist. That game of “what if?” you played as a kid:

So, what if, rather than liberal Democratic mayors in Democratic towns being overwhelmed by violence, things were reversed?

What if, rather than liberal Democratic mayors in Democratic towns being overwhelmed by violence, things were ...Read more

Trump’s stop in Kenosha wasn’t risky. It was smart politics.

From the Right / John Kass /

You can understand why Democrats didn’t want President Donald Trump to visit Kenosha to respond to last week’s mob violence, looting and arson.

They’re embarrassed. They’re worried about the election in a few months. It’s getting close, and Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in key Midwestern swing states is shrinking.

Trump is trying to ...Read more

In empathy’s name, Trump the Disruptor offers school choice to #WalkAway parents

From the Right / John Kass /

President Donald Trump wasn’t elected for his empathy. He was elected to kick the Washington establishment — the bipartisan courtiers of our modern Versailles on the Potomac — in their sensitive parts.

Kick them he did, repeatedly. And they fought back, swinging their corporate media hatchets at his head, so he slammed his “Fake News”...Read more

Democratic convention ignores the elephant in the virtual room: big-city violence

From the Right / John Kass /

The “We the People”-themed Democratic National Convention, like the Republican one to follow, shows us what America has known for years: that conventions are only infomercials designed to bend reality to political will.

The Democrats bend their reality toward a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, but they ...Read more

One story from the night of looting in Chicago that doesn’t fit the approved narrative

From the Right / John Kass /

National Democrats are silent about the violence in Chicago, about the skyrocketing increase in murders and shootings, and the mobs of looters who pillaged the city’s finest shopping district the other day.

There is no political advantage for them in mentioning the violence in Democratic cities. All they care about is getting rid of President...Read more

Protecting Joe Biden from a debate, and Susan Rice, ‘by the book’

From the Right / John Kass /

As Joe Biden sits in his basement watching daytime TV, enjoying his ice cream or pudding, his political handlers have two important tasks:

No. 1. At all costs, avoid debates with President Donald Trump, so Joe won’t reveal to the entire nation what many Americans with eyes can already see. The old Joe was a fabulist, a teller of wild stories ...Read more

The political left hopes to silence people like me with their cancel culture

From the Right / John Kass /

The angry left-handed broom of America’s cultural revolution uses fear to sweep through the our civic, corporate and personal life.

It brings with it attempted intimidation, shame and the usual demands for ceremonies of public groveling.

It is happening in newsrooms in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. And now it’s coming for me, in an ...Read more

Something grows in the big cities run by Democrats: an overwhelming sense of lawlessness

From the Right / John Kass /

President Donald Trump is sending federal law enforcement into the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control and where once vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns.

And naturally, the Democratic mayors, backing Joe Biden, are on the defensive, upset that the president might ...Read more

American Voices: Could President Joe Biden hold back the left?

From the Right / John Kass /

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s great political strength is his studied affability.

He comes off like an elderly uncle on a TV sitcom — all white teeth and soft sweaters — genially rising out of his leather recliner to put an end to all this malarkey once and for all.

And President Donald Trump? He’s the loudmouthed ...Read more

When it comes to Black children killed in street violence, the white woke world has no skin in the game

From the Right / John Kass /

As street violence spikes in big cities across America run by Democrats, as parents grieve the loss of their children in the street gang wars, two things become terribly clear:

The first is that Black Lives Matter isn’t promoting much, if any, public outrage at city halls run by Democratic Party mayors over urban street violence that is out ...Read more



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