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Here we are, with an election less than a year away

From the Right / John Kass /

With American unemployment numbers at a 50-year low, with people working and with money in their pockets, stubborn House Democrats rush forward on their path toward madness.

They insist on impeaching President Donald Trump, though they have no hope of securing a conviction in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Are House Democrats principled ...Read more

'No Safe Spaces' raises frightening doubts about our freedoms

From the Right / John Kass /

No matter what side you take on Trump Impeachment Theater, or just about any other topic for that matter -- from the politics of chicken sandwiches to climate change -- if you dare challenge the views of the reigning political priests, chances are you'll be called stupid and hateful.

And someone will want to shut you up.

The traditional ...Read more

Democratic mayors and the gift of Donald Trump

From the Right / John Kass /

After decades of one-party rule in cities torn by violent crime, public education crises, chronic homelessness and growing taxpayer despair, Democratic mayors have finally found a friend.

President Donald Trump.

In Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and, just the other day, Chicago, Trump proves again just how helpful he can be to ...Read more

Trump Impeachment Theater offers two plotlines for Schiff

From the Right / John Kass /

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, once considered becoming a screenwriter. But he abandoned glitzy Hollywood dreams for the meaty thrills of Washington intrigue.

And as lord high inquisitor of Trump Impeachment Theater, he's the author of yet another failed revenge fantasy crafted ...Read more

Adam Schiff plays the hero in Trump impeachment theater farce

From the Right / John Kass /

California Democrat Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, has been in his glory in running the Trump impeachment hearings, with the TV spotlight upon him and his allies in Washington's Democratic Media Complex urging him on in this totally unnecessary farce.

Yet from his perch up high at the hearings, with that long neck and ...Read more

Schiff and 'whistleblower' should be first to testify in Trump impeachment theater

From the Right / John Kass /

As House Democrats begin the public phase of their impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump this week -- over a presidential phone call to Ukraine -- I'm forced to use a dirty word.

If you melt easily, please cover your eyes and ears, or clutch your pearls and gird yourself. Here comes that dirty word:


To a politician, "...Read more

Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh: A tale of double standards

From the Right / John Kass /

Before we get into the release by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas of that video starring "Good Morning America" co-host Amy Robach and her story that ABC spiked her report about the late serial sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, let's do something else first.

Let's remember what ABC, NBC and other media did to politics/fromtheright/johnkass/s-2293132">Read more

'A Day Without Republicans' is a film for blue state taxpayers

From the Right / John Kass /

Sen. Elizabeth Warren swooped into Chicago from that economic fantasy planet of the democratic socialists -- the strange world where math is all about feelings -- to tell the striking teachers union she stands with them. Because of the children.

Economic conservatives, including conservative Republicans and that handful of moderate Democrats ...Read more

Warren, Biden, Sanders and that Big Rock Candy Mountain

From the Right / John Kass /

Watching the Democratic presidential candidate debate -- with Elizabeth Warren promising government health care for all without saying she'll tax the middle class to pay for it -- was like staring from a distance at the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

You don't know the Big Rock Candy Mountain? That's the gorgeous Democratic Socialist paradise where ...Read more

Elizabeth 'Two Tales' Warren running out of creation myths

From the Right / John Kass /

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the Democrat campaigning for president, has had two amazing creation myths to choose from.

One had her as a Native American, and the other as a young teacher forced out of her job because she was pregnant.

Many epic heroines, or heroes, have only one creation myth, as anyone who has who read Joseph ...Read more

Pelosi isn't the first politician to herd voters because 'the iron is hot'

From the Right / John Kass /

"We have to strike while the iron is hot," Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her fellow Democrats as she launched an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump's ill-advised phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

And so, in a spasm of revenge, she calls her Democrats to political war to invalidate the 2016 election they lost to ...Read more

Is Democrats' decision on Trump impeachment real, or just more natural gas?

From the Right / John Kass /

When Nancy Pelosi came out late Tuesday afternoon to announce the House had begun a "formal impeachment inquiry" of President Donald Trump over that Ukraine business, three thoughts came to mind.

The first is that it's about time the Democrats decided about fishing or cutting bait.

Or did they?

They've been teasing us and hinting and ...Read more

Latest smear against Kavanaugh is part of left's scorched-earth strategy

From the Right / John Kass /

Just a few days before The New York Times and Democratic presidential candidates engaged in an outrageous smear of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh -- a smear the newspaper was forced to amend and walk back -- there was a gruesome discovery in a suburb south of Chicago.

Out in a garage in Crete, ...Read more


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