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End coronavirus panic porn and let's seek some balance

From the Right / John Kass /

Are we still all in this together?

It sounds like a shepherd singing to a flock while driving them to market. And that other one, the "stay safe" thing? It sounds like the bleating of sheep.

Stay safe? Are you serious?

We're reaching Great Depression levels, with 20 million jobs lost in April alone, and the unemployment rate at 14.7 percent, ...Read more

Kavanaugh-Biden double standard and lack of curiosity over Flynn make Beltway media look bad

From the Right / John Kass /

If there were ever a time that the American people needed credible national journalism, it is now, during this awful coronavirus pandemic.

But for many reasons, whatever trust the people had in news from Washington has been broken over time.

Now tens of millions of Americans are out of work, tens of thousands have died, the people are ...Read more

How the coronavirus pandemic brought one big family together

From the Right / John Kass /

The first thing you have to know about Bruce and Cheryl Leon is that their newborn grandchild is a healthy 10-pound baby boy. His mom, their daughter, is doing well.

Mazel tov!

"We won't know the name until the bris," Cheryl told me on Friday. "But it's a boy. We know that. Another boy. We're learning a lot about boys."

The other thing about ...Read more

Take tribal politics out of shutdown debate and think about the guy at the food pantry

From the Right / John Kass /

Unlike the tens of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, America's cultural elites, in politics, government and media, are doing just fine during the coronavirus shutdown.

Some of the politicians are paid well enough to hoard gourmet chocolate ice cream in their expensive kitchen freezers, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, rightly ...Read more

Hell freezes over in coronavirus pandemic: Washington media embraces federalism

From the Right / John Kass /

If there is one benefit from the coronavirus pandemic, it is that the establishment news media -- which is overwhelmingly liberal and loathes President Donald Trump and his more than 60 million voters with a passion -- have finally done something quite counterintuitive.

They consulted an old document they'd long forgotten: the Constitution.

...Read more

A lamentation for churches closed at Easter by the coronavirus pandemic

From the Right / John Kass /

The ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was last closed during the Black Plague of the 1300s. Then came the coronavirus pandemic.

And now a video circulates across social media of the caretaker, a Muslim man whose family, it is said, has reverently tended this holiest of all Christian churches since the 1100s.

The caretaker ...Read more

Unmoored amid the coronavirus

From the Right / John Kass /

During this coronavirus shutdown, as so many of us have become unmoored, finding it difficult to process all the changes we're facing, I wondered:

What's the safe way during the pandemic to tell the neighbors you're moving after 25 years in your home?

You can't hug them. Email is so infuriatingly sterile. Handwritten notes on fine stationery ...Read more

Washington chews on a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package

From the Right / John Kass /

When governments frantically throw more money than they can afford at a crisis -- and we're throwing trillions (yes, trillions) at the desperate war against the coronavirus with that federal relief package out of Washington -- two truths are self-evident.

One was famously expressed by Rahm Emanuel, the discredited former mayor of Chicago who ...Read more

What we'll learn about ourselves, and our nation, during the coronavirus pandemic

From the Right / John Kass /

After the first of those oddly comical fistfights over toilet paper in grocery stores, and before the possibility of horrific battles over respirators in the weeks to come, I committed an act of coronavirus defiance.

I sat in a comfy leather chair in the neighborhood cigar lounge and lit a fine maduro cigar.

Why? Because I wanted to sit and ...Read more

Coronavirus just another reason to avoid salad bars

From the Right / John Kass /

Even with all the media attention on coronavirus, we're missing the really big story:

Those disgusting hot food bars and salad bars at various supermarkets and food courts near you.

People put their hands on the lettuce. They cough on the olives. Multiple hands touch the ladles and spoons.

And government does nothing.

Consider that video ...Read more

To fight Biden, Sanders should learn how to say 'Comeback Kid' in Ukrainian

From the Right / John Kass /

As Joe Biden climbed out of his political grave, CNN anchors were so excited they wriggled like puppies about to wet the carpet and called him "The Comeback Kid."

Biden did make a spectacular comeback on Super Tuesday. But what about Bernie Sanders?

With 60 percent of Democratic Party delegates still up for grabs, with the Democratic Media ...Read more


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