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Giving thanks

This has been the strangest year that I can remember. We are isolated, discouraged and exhausted. We are divided and politically polarized. We cannot gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving as usual due to COVID-19. As a nation, we are frustrated, yet there is still much to be thankful for during this time of trial.

For example, we can go ...Read more

2020 isn't over yet

This week in New York City, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was raised. I've watched the video several times, and it's like watching a train wreck -- I can't look away. As it was raised, many of the tree's lower limbs fell off, revealing incredibly large gaps. Unless a magician is in charge of decorating the tree, it will end up being the ...Read more

The clock is still ticking on this election, and this is no game

Those who had hoped the election would provide the nation with a clear way forward were wrong. More than a week after Election Day, states are continuing to count votes, and President Donald Trump's campaign has filed lawsuits in several states. Regardless of the final outcome, over 70 million Americans will have voted for the other presidential...Read more

What we've learned so far

It's not surprising that the presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden was not decided on Election Day. The votes will continue to be counted, and there is a good chance there will be recounts in areas where counts are very close. It might very well end up in the courts.

What we ...Read more

It's time for our rendezvous with destiny, where we can "preserve for our children this last best hope for man on Earth"

In order to win the presidential election next week, President Donald Trump will have to articulate why he is the right choice. The choice has to be about more than Trump and his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden; it has to be about the very different futures each man would seek to create. The candidates' ability to describe and contrast...Read more

Entering the final stretch, Trump remains the clear choice for real Americans

This week, Americans will have their final chance before the election to listen to the presidential candidates present their competing visions for the country.

Based on the debate's announced topics -- COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership -- the differences should be clear.

Fighting ...Read more

Biden wants people to ignore that they're better off

You might think that, so close to election time, everyone would understand how our government works. Evidently, that's not correct -- or people are pretending not to know, because they are afraid they won't get the outcome they want.

Let's start with the presidential race. The media focuses on national polls. But the popular vote does not ...Read more


The pandemic and current political environment might have you in the doldrums. Ups and downs are normal in life, but when you've been stuck inside on Zoom calls for months, it's easy to forget the ups.

In "Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life," Martin Seligman provides a map to a more optimistic outlook.

As a graduate ...Read more

Next time watch a real MMA fight instead

If you watched this week's presidential debate between Republican President Donald J. Trump and Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden, you might have felt as though you were watching a mixed martial arts match among three people, the third being Chris Wallace, the beleaguered Fox News anchor who tried to moderate. Throughout the 90 minutes,...Read more

Stay calm and slow to anger

Most of us understand the concept of working toward a goal based on the system in place. For example, when I was in college, I'd review the syllabus for each class, see how the professor calculated final grades (did it include performance on homework and quizzes or just tests, and how was each of those weighted?) and then periodically figure out...Read more

A challenge and a prayer

It's easy to become frustrated, especially in politics, as Election Day grows near. It's harder, but it could be more helpful, to focus on curiosity rather than frustration, as bestselling author Brendon Burchard challenged this week via social media -- curiosity about why something would happen or not, rather than frustration that it did or ...Read more

Voters might not like all of Trump's words, but they like his policies and are voting for policy first

With less than two months left before the presidential election, polls in the swing states are tightening, and the focus is sharpening. Remember, it's not the total popular vote that determines the outcome of the presidential election but the final tally from the Electoral College. It takes 270 Electoral College votes to win.

So, which states ...Read more

Trump's great opportunity as he gains ground and Biden loses it

While Democratic operatives and pundits are calling for Georgia to go for the Democratic nominee, President Donald Trump has greatly improved his lead. Let's start with a bit of history for those who are not as familiar as I am with Georgia, my home for more decades than I would like to mention.

For several presidential election cycles, pundits...Read more



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