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On tax reform, Republicans define victory down

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Needing a victory to validate their majorities, congressional Republicans have chosen not to emulate Shakespeare's Henry V before Agincourt. He advocated stiffening the sinews, summoning up the blood and lending the eye a terrible aspect. The Republicans would rather define victory down.

What began with a bang of promises of ...Read more

The radiating mischief of protectionism

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ourselves into believing that corporate welfare can be seemly. Consider the caper, both amusing and depressing, that began when mighty Boeing sought protection behind the skirts of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Boeing, America's 39th largest corporation by market ...Read more

Virginia governor's race shows the treacherous terrain of Trumpian GOP politics

From the Right / George Will /

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The breakfasters at Bob and Edith's Diner are too preoccupied with their tasty bacon and eggs to notice the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Or perhaps, like all Americans who are more sensitive than oysters, they are in the throes of political exhaustion and are trying to ignore this year's only competitive gubernatorial ...Read more

The fatal conceit of planning for the future

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Kevin Hassett evidently has not received the memo that economics is "the dismal science." The ebullient chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers is relishing the intellectual feast of applying to policymaking the predictive tools of a science that was blindsided by the Great Recession.

Economists, like other ...Read more

In blocking abortion legislation, Democrats will display their cultural extremism

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- What would America's abortion policy be if the number of months in the gestation of a human infant were a prime number -- say, seven or eleven? This thought experiment is germane to why the abortion issue has been politically toxic, and points to a path toward a less bitter debate. The House of Representatives has for a third time ...Read more

Trump is turning and turning in a widening gyre

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- With eyes wide open, Mike Pence eagerly auditioned for the role as Donald Trump's poodle. Now comfortably leashed, he deserves the degradations that he seems too sycophantic to recognize as such. He did Trump's adolescent bidding with last Sunday's pre-planned virtue pageant of scripted indignation -- his flight from the ...Read more

The auto industry has a glamorous past but an opaque future

From the Right / George Will /

DETROIT -- Bending metal, slapping on chrome and marketing an empowering product and status marker that mesmerized 20th-century America, the automobile industry typified the Old Economy, of which General Motors was emblematic. As was its bankruptcy. Today, GM's CEO Mary Barra is wagering that the industry soon will be manufacturing New Economy ...Read more

Detroit is home to one of America's most accomplishing politicians

From the Right / George Will /

DETROIT -- With biblical succinctness, and foreshadowing a resurrection, Mike Duggan said, "Let there be light!" and 65,000 LED streetlights replaced the 40 percent of the city's streetlights that were broken when he took office in 2014. They are among the many reasons that on Nov. 7 he, the first white mayor here in 40 years, will win a ...Read more

Bikini-clad baristas serve up a lesson in free speech

From the Right / George Will /

SEATTLE -- Amazon, which has made this city the epicenter of a retailing revolution, is not the Northwest's only commercial disrupter. In the nearby city of Everett, Liberty Ziska and some other bikini baristas, giving new meaning to coffee as a stimulant, have provoked the City Council to pass, unanimously, ordinances requiring baristas to be ...Read more

Will the Supreme Court fall into a political thicket?

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments tempting it to plunge into an impenetrable political thicket. It will consider a lower court's ruling that, if allowed to stand, will require the judiciary to determine whether and when partisanship in drawing electoral districts -- something as old as the Constitution -- is ...Read more

Unsatisfied with facts, Seattle's city council turns to interpretations

From the Right / George Will /

SEATTLE -- In this city, which is a petri dish of progressivism, a prevailing theory is that when you raise the price of something, people will buy less of it, except when they do not. Another, and related, theory is that constitutional and statutory texts should be construed in the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche: There are no facts, only ...Read more

America's engine is being slowed by complacency

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- It was an epoch-defining decision to place in Westminster Abbey, among statues of monarchs, priests and poets, a large one of James Watt, inventor of the separate-condenser steam engine. The statue's inscription says Watt ranks among the world's benefactors because he "increased the power of man." The economist and historian ...Read more


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