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'Heartbeat bills' are wholesome provocations in abortion debate

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- While constitutional lawyers, ethicists and theologians -- in descending order of importance in the abortion debate -- have been arguing in the 46 years since the Supreme Court attempted to settle the debate, some technologists have been making a consequential contribution to it. They have developed machines that produce ...Read more

James Buckley urges Congress to stay out of state affairs

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- At 96, James Buckley still is, like good cheddar, sharp and savory. Buckley, whose life has been no less accomplished than his brother Bill's, recently said at a National Review gathering that his speech there would be his last public appearance. Let us hope not.

He adorned all the government's branches -- senator; undersecretary ...Read more

Biden might offer a restful break for weary voters

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Three days before Joe Biden dove back into the deep end of the political pool, a rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said the terrorist who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon, and everyone else in America's prisons, should be allowed to vote, lest the "chipping away" of voting rights leave America "running down a slippery slope." Such ...Read more

Politicians have no qualms about borrowing from the future

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Pursed lips and clucked tongues signaled disapproval among the wise and responsible when, at a recent televised event, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the "democratic socialist" from Vermont, did not plausibly explain how he would pay for "Medicare for all." The remarkable thing, however, is the quaint expectation that any political person ...Read more

Supreme Court mulls citizenship question for census

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The oral arguments the Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday will be more decorous than the gusts of judicial testiness that blew the case up to the nation's highest tribunal. The case, which raises arcane questions of administrative law but could have widely radiating political and policy consequences, comes from the Enlightenment ...Read more

The electric-vehicle tax credit should be taken off the road

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Some government foolishness has an educational value that compensates for its considerable cost. Consider the multibillion-dollar federal electric-vehicle tax credit, which efficiently illustrates how government can, with one act, diminish its already-negligible prestige while subtracting from America's fairness. Sen. John Barrasso...Read more

The Democrats' sweepstakes of frivolity

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The Democrats' presidential aspirants seem determined to prove that their party's 2016 achievement -- the election of the current president -- was not a fluke that cannot be repeated. But the Republican Party, whose last remaining raison d'etre is to frustrate Democrats, seems to be thinking: We are determined to lose the 2020 ...Read more

Cain, Moore nominations are two more tests for Republicans to fail

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- In 1964, although there was scant chance that Americans would choose to have a third president in 14 months, Lyndon Johnson took no chances. The economy was sizzling and in November Johnson would carry 44 states. Nevertheless, he wanted low interest rates, so he summoned to his Texas ranch Federal Reserve Chairman William McChesney...Read more

Our waterways policy is crony capitalism disguised as patriotism

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The president has received from one of his employees, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a report that probably tells Ross' employer what he wants to hear: that imports of cars -- "The Audis are coming! The Audis are coming!" -- threaten "national security." This report is required by our lackadaisical Congress so it can pretend to be...Read more

The madness of college hoops' amateurism

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Appropriately, during the crescendo of this college basketball season, in which the most significant event was a shoe malfunction, a lawyer whose best-known client was a pornographic actress was indicted for threatening to shrink a shoe company's market capitalization by making allegations about the company misbehaving in the meat ...Read more

Step into the batter's box for some baseball trivia

From the Right / George Will /

Editors note: This is the print version of George Will's annual spring training baseball quiz.

WASHINGTON -- When umpire Dutch Leonard blew a call at first base, then-St. Louis Cardinals manager Joe Torre trotted out and asked, "How come you're such a good ball-strike umpire and such [expletive] on the bases?" Leonard, equally puzzled...Read more

Mueller's report makes a normal election possible in 2020

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Robert Mueller's report is a gift to the nation, which now knows what was already a reasonable surmise: that its chief executive's unlovely admiration for a repulsive foreign regime, Vladimir Putin's, is more a dereliction of taste and judgment than evidence that he is under that regime's sway. The report is an even larger gift to ...Read more

The court should steer away from the politics of gerrymandering

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- If an adjective creates a redundancy, does preceding it with two other adjectives give the Supreme Court a reason to venture where it has never gone before? Come Tuesday, the court will hear oral arguments urging it to referee gerrymandering in the drawing of congressional districts. The justices should, like Ulysses, listen to ...Read more


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