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An unsparing look at the Vietnam War's mountain of mendacities

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Early in his Marine Corps career, which he concluded as a four-star general, Walt Boomer was decorated for valor in Vietnam. He distilled into three words the lesson of that debacle: "Tell the truth." Max Hastings, an eminent British journalist and historian, has done that in a book that is a painful but perhaps inoculating re-...Read more

How to heal our epidemic of loneliness?

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- If Sen. Ben Sasse is right -- he has not recently been wrong about anything important -- the nation's most-discussed political problem is entangled with the least-understood public health problem. The political problem is furious partisanship. The public health problem is loneliness. Sasse's new book argues that Americans are ...Read more

Trump's trolling vs. the 'constitution of knowledge'

From the Right / George Will /

EDITORS -- Note quoted language in 3rd sentence of 4th graf.

WASHINGTON -- On the road again, and full of indignation about, or perhaps admiration for, what he called "made-up" and "fabricated" Democratic accusations during the recent judicial confirmation turmoil, America's feral president swerved into a denunciation of a nonexistent bill -- "...Read more

America's disturbing plunge into protectionism

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The descent of American capitalism into a racket is being greased by professed capitalists in government, in collaboration with professed capitalists in what is called, with decreasing accuracy, the private sector. This is occurring under the auspices of Republicans, and while many Democrats are arguing, with some accuracy but more...Read more

By not being a team player, Flake served the nation

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Preferring verbal felicity to practical wisdom, a character in a Benjamin Disraeli novel quipped, "A majority is always the best repartee." Not really. Open societies that want to remain so should prefer persuasion to raw power, even the power of majorities. Which is why Republican Sen. Jeff Flake served the nation, its highest ...Read more

America should do away with the death penalty

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Without being aware of it, Vernon Madison might become a footnote in constitutional law because he is barely aware of anything. For more than 30 years, Alabama, with a tenacity that deserves a better cause, has been trying to execute him for the crime he certainly committed, the 1985 murder of a police officer. Twice the state ...Read more

In today's politics, there's no such thing as rock bottom

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- When John Keats said that autumn is the season of "mists and mellow fruitfulness," he did not anticipate this American autumn. It resembles the gorier Shakespearean plays in which swords are brandished, people are poisoned and stabbed, almost everyone behaves badly and those who do not are thinking: Things cannot continue like this...Read more

The Supreme Court confirmation process has become a maelstrom of insincerities

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The current era of scorched-earth politics began five years after there was, according to Christine Blasey Ford, in 1982, an alcohol-soaked party in a suburban Washington. There her 15-year-old self was, she says, assaulted by 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, who categorically denies this accusation.

On July 1, 1987, just 45 minutes ...Read more

Fear-based parenting

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Police came to Kim Brooks' parents' door in suburban Richmond, Virginia, demanding that her mother say where her daughter was or be arrested for obstructing justice. So began a Kafkaesque two-year ordeal that plunged Brooks into reflections about current parenting practices. It also produced a book, "Small Animals: Parenthood in ...Read more

In Texas, a Democratic template for national victory in 2020

From the Right / George Will /

HOUSTON -- Nationally, the Democratic Party, which gave indispensable assistance ("Basket of deplorables"!) to the election of today's president, seems intent ("Impeach!"; "Abolish ICE!"; "Free stuff!", "I am Spartacus!") on a repeat performance. Here, however, in the 7th Congressional District, in what might turn out to be the year's most ...Read more

The college campus's cult of fragility

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The beginning of another academic year brings the certainty of campus episodes illustrating what Daniel Patrick Moynihan, distinguished professor and venerated politician, called "the leakage of reality from American life." Colleges and universities are increasingly susceptible to intellectual fads and political hysteria, partly ...Read more

The government's guidance on campus rape deserves another look

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- The assault on civil rights that was mandated by the civil rights division of Barack Obama's Education Department might soon abate. Current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is moving to halt the life-shattering procedures that began in 2011, when the department sent to colleges and universities a "dear colleague" letter: To avoid ...Read more

Mississippi election tells an American story

From the Right / George Will /

"To understand the world, you must understand a place like Mississippi."

-- Attributed to William Faulkner

OXFORD, Miss. -- Time was, there was no other American place quite like it. Fifty-six years ago -- a long time in adaptable America's adjustment of its behavior to its creed -- this university town was a few weeks from the U.S. Army's ...Read more

Final queries for Judge Kavanaugh

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Four decades ago, New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, an intellectual Democrat, observed with amazement and regret that Republicans had become the party of ideas. Today, many of America's most interesting arguments divide conservatives. One concerns the judiciary's role in the supervision of democracy: Should judges be, as ...Read more

Judge Kavanaugh: Is government truly of, by and for 'the people'?

From the Right / George Will /

"Why should we bother to reply to Kautsky?

He would reply to us, and we would have to reply to his reply. There is no end to that. It will be quite enough for us to announce that Kautsky is a traitor to the working class, and everyone will understand everything."

-- Lenin

WASHINGTON -- Regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh...Read more

Questions for Kavanaugh

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans and Democrats are at daggers drawn over confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Instead, they should unsheathe some questions designed to illuminate the excitement of constitutional reasoning.

The Constitution vests in Congress the power to tax. Presidents, however, unilaterally impose taxes (...Read more

In Tennessee Senate race, a pistol-packing Republican vs. an oatmeal Democrat

From the Right / George Will /

NASHVILLE -- The easternmost bit of Tennessee is east of Atlanta, the westernmost bit is west of New Orleans, and all of this horizontal state is the epicenter of 2018 politics. Its U.S. Senate race will reveal whether, for Republicans, fealty to the president is not only necessary but sufficient, and whether a seasoned, temperate Democrat can ...Read more

America is overdue for another Lehman-like episode

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Eric Sevareid (1912-1992), the author and broadcaster, said he was a pessimist about tomorrow but an optimist about the day after tomorrow. Regarding America's economy, prudent people should reverse that.

This Wednesday, according to the Financial Times' Robin Wigglesworth and Nicole Bullock, "the U.S. stock market will officially...Read more

Markets know better than bureaucrats what society needs

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Governments, seemingly eager to supply their critics with ammunition, constantly validate historian Robert Conquest: The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies. Consider North Carolina's intervention in the medical-devices market.

Born in ...Read more

Book underlines axiom that if you want peace, prepare for war

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Scholars have already debated for decades, and will debate for centuries, the role U.S. policies -- military, diplomatic, economic -- played in bringing the Cold War to endgame and the Soviet Union to extinction. One milestone was Ronald Reagan's 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative proposal, a technological challenge that could not ...Read more


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