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My new book, out on Oct. 29, is about the leftists' agenda and insanity

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While Trump-haters keep obsessing over his tweets and "manners," we are witnessing the Democrats' ongoing rejection of President Donald Trump's constitutional right to govern and the people's sovereign choice in electing him. Let's check our priorities.

You may regard Trump's tweet "#StopTheCoup" as political theater, but it's not, and we need to take notice. Ever since Trump's presidential announcement, leftists have been plotting and scheming against him.

The polite elites pooh-poohed this as fevered conspiracy hype while promoting their dream narrative that Robert Mueller had the goods on Trump for conspiring with Russia to steal the election. As soon as this myth was definitively obliterated -- by none other than Mueller himself -- the Trump-hunters turned to obstruction of justice as a fallback, though obstructing an investigation into something the alleged obstructer knew never occurred never made a lot of sense.

The mobs variously turned to other potential Hail Mary "high crimes" to oust Trump, like pursuing his tax returns based on no evidence of impropriety -- another fishing expedition to find any impropriety that could substantiate their slander that Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

Though the sainted Mueller failed them, Democrats didn't retreat like disgraced accusers and apologize to the country for their fraudulent witch hunt and their complicity in orchestrating it.

Unrepentant, they instantly pivoted to Ukraine-gate as yet another bogus charge in their ever-evolving crusade to oust Trump -- and to divert attention from counterinvestigations that could finally expose some of them, and their allies, for doing what they've been falsely accusing Trump of doing: interfering with an election.


Take Rep. Adam Schiff, for example. How many times did this reckless, malicious buffoon swear, unchallenged, that he had solid evidence of Trump's "collusion" with Russia? Has he ever been held accountable for his lies? Has anyone in the liberal media showcased his misconduct?

To the contrary, Schiff is conducting secret hearings in a private room in the congressional basement in hot pursuit of another witch hunt. His Star Chamber proceeding facilitates his selective leaking of witness testimony to make thirdhand hearsay sound like smoking guns and create the impression that this time, they really do have the goods on Trump.

Democrats act this way while not in control of both legislative chambers or the executive branch. Can you imagine what they'll do if they defeat Trump and capture the Senate in 2020?

Well, I can imagine, and it horrifies me, which is why I have written my new book, "Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win," to be released Oct. 29.


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