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America's dangerous dependence on China must change

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

The coronavirus epidemic that's crashing the U.S. economy, putting lives at risk and derailing our entire way of life should serve as a wake-up call that the U.S. government must stop being reliant on China and other foreign nations for prescription drugs, medical supplies or any supply chain product or ingredient that's essential to our ...Read more

Open borders Dems threaten US health care system

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Coronavirus will be the coup de grace of the Democratic Party, as sensible Americans of all backgrounds understand amidst a highly contagious global pandemic that the United States needs more border enforcement, not less.

It simply makes no sense to permit millions of people from all over the world to pour into our country illegally, many of ...Read more

Time to unite to fight coronavirus

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Here's the bad news: America is at war.

Not with a foreign enemy or a terrorist regime like the Islamic State Group. We're at war with a highly contagious global virus, a pandemic, commonly known as the coronavirus. In order to combat, and ultimately destroy, this pernicious enemy threatening public health, our way of life and the U.S. economy,...Read more

Threatening Supreme Court justices is never OK

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Congress must censure Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for threatening two Supreme Court justices outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday. This should be wholly bipartisan and utterly uncontroversial.

No American, no less a high-ranking member of Congress like Schumer, should be permitted to threaten government officials or ...Read more

FISA judicial reform a must

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Not a single member of Congress should reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act program that's coming up for a vote mid-March unless significant reforms are made that protect Americans' civil liberties and privacy.

This includes protections for the current president of the United States, and future administrations and their ...Read more

It's time for Warren to fold up her teepee and exit the race

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

After dismal performances in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire Democratic primary, placing third and fourth place, respectively, Elizabeth Warren has about a 1/1024th chance of winning her party's nomination.

Yes, in politics, anything is possible -- including unlikely comebacks from flailing candidates. But there's no denying that ...Read more

The American dream is back

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

If you watched the State of the Union address Tuesday night, then there's no denying President Donald Trump is delivering a broad spectrum of victories for the American people.

Don't let power-obsessed Democrats or the fake news media fool you.

On the jobs front, the Trump administration has created almost 7 million to date -- including 500,...Read more

It's high time to end this schiff show

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

It's high time to end this impeachment farce once and for all.

For starters, the flimsy articles of impeachment that Democrats have brought forth aren't crimes, much less the "high crimes" required to remove a sitting president. That alone is sufficient grounds to end this charade that's chock full of presumptions and assumptions from partisans...Read more

The Democratic Party is filled with rampant hypocrisy

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

As the Senate impeachment trial unfolds, we're witnessing an alarming dual justice system where Democrats accuse the president and the Republican Party of criminal wrongdoing and foul play while giving themselves a pass for the very same acts of which they accuse others.

Take foreign interference in U.S. elections. Democrats have launched an ...Read more

Women Win in Trump's Economy

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

"Women are winning in the Trump economy." That's a headline that should be emblazoned on the front pages of every major newspaper in America today and dominating TV newscasts from Boston to Seattle. Yet, isn't, thanks to the impeachment circus Democrats are using to distract the nation's attention.

Don't let them. Employment records are being...Read more


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