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Just you wait and see, Democrats' impeachment hoax will backfire spectacularly

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

On Thursday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she has asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., to draft articles of impeachment for the Democrats' latest attempted coup to negate the votes of 63 million Americans who elected President Donald Trump in 2016.

This will backfire spectacularly with voters come ...Read more

Questions I wanted asked during the last Democratic debate

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

I watched the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta Wednesday night so you didn't have to.

Here are the questions the liberal MSNBC moderators should've asked but didn't.

1. Sen. Warren: You say that if elected president, you will fight corruption. What say you about the fact that Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden -- who had no known experience in the...Read more

The impeachment antics are all liberal smoke and mirrors

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

While Democrats pretend to care about stopping foreign interference into our elections to preserve the integrity of our democracy, they conveniently turn a blind eye to their own election meddling. The rest of us can see with our own eyes.

First, it was the #RussiaHoax manufactured by a cabal of anti-Trump foes: former FBI Director James Comey,...Read more

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real: just ask Melania

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

#TrumpDerangementSyndrome isn't just a hashtag making the rounds on social media or a conservative talking point directed at those on the left whose unhinged hate for President Donald Trump has hindered their ability to think straight or act rationally.

It's a real disease that has permeated even our most sacred institutions: hospitals.

On ...Read more

An 'austere religious scholar' exemplifies fake news

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

This week's death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi marked a monumental victory for mankind. We eliminated a brutal murderer, rapist and madman from causing more unspeakable harm to men, women and children. His death also highlighted how corrupt mainstream media has become, which should alarm every American.

Take The Washington Post's ...Read more

Time for a Schiff Intervention

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Republican leaders on Capitol Hill must demand that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., immediately recuse himself from the impeachment inquiry. There simply cannot be fair, impartial and legitimate impeachment proceedings with a known partisan and conspiracy theorist like Schiff at the helm of such a serious undertaking.

And serious it is. In a ...Read more

Climate alarmists want to control your lives

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Don't let Democrats fool you. The next presidential election isn't about Donald Trump. That's a Trojan horse distracting voters from what Election 2020 is really about -- power -- and the left's insatiable hunger to expand government control into virtually every aspect of our lives.

This includes what car we drive, every doctor we see, what ...Read more

Ellen DeGeneres practices tolerance; so should you

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

In a deeply polarized nation, Ellen DeGeneres deserves praise for practicing tolerance toward others and not choosing her friends based on how they vote -- an anomaly these days, especially in far-left Hollywood and the #Resistance movement, whose rabid followers have allowed their political persuasions to extinguish any semblance of civility, ...Read more

Impeachment is nothing more than a partisan charade

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

If you think the Democrats' impeachment charade is anything other than yet another orchestrated political hit job against the president, I have a bridge I want to sell you. Take a look at some of the latest eye-opening revelations, which should give all voters pause before blindly marching in the Democrats' impeachment parade.

The Federalist ...Read more

Welcome to Russia Hoax 2.0

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

As the attempted coup to oust a sitting president failed spectacularly, Democrats have now pivoted to impeachment -- a replay of the same old "movie," only with a different title.

With the Russia hoax, Democrats waged a massive disinformation campaign against the president, telling the American people our duly elected commander in chief was a...Read more

Relentless Progressives Malign Kavanaugh and Conservatives

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Democrats are dismantling our justice system -- founded on the presumption of innocence -- to advance whatever political objective or narrative du jour strikes their fancy.

This dangerous trajectory should alarm every American.

Take far-left Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a vocal member of the highly controversial "Squad." Following a ...Read more

Liberal Media's False Narrative That White Nationalism Is the New Terrorism

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Since President Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 and announced his bid for the Oval Office, left-wing media have waged an extreme and never-ending smear campaign against him in a deliberate attempt to discredit him as the leader of the Republican Party -- and keep Democrats in power.

It's that simple.

The latest ...Read more


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