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We shouldn't be banning kids from going to school

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

One of the greatest threats to America today is that everything has become politicized -- and our nation is worse off for it.

Pastimes that used to bring our country together for some apolitical fun, such as football and other sports, have now been hijacked by social justice warriors who exploit any opportunity to advance their political agenda...Read more

America needs jobs not mobs

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Voters have a clear choice this November.

If you want mobs vandalizing stores, destroying public property and setting churches on fire, then vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has spent the majority of his time hiding out in his Delaware basement while our country has been in flames in the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy.

If ...Read more

It's time to bench Fauci

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

The single biggest threat against President Donald Trump's reelection in November isn't unhinged liberals out for blood, a hostile media or even a politicized U.S. Supreme Court; it's Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease adviser on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. If he's not reined in, then he may succeed in making Trump a one-...Read more

Free speech under fire

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

One of the biggest threats facing America today isn't beyond the water's edge; it's censorship spreading like a wildfire coast to coast: a perilous endangerment to free speech, a free press and artistic expression that should alarm every American -- I don't care how you vote.

It's well known that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social ...Read more

So much for 'shelter-in-place' orders

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Pandemics are public health emergencies; they aren't supposed to be political. Yet, the American people have been subjected to Draconian lockdowns for months that have stripped our Constitutional rights -- to assemble, worship or even to leave our homes to go to work -- to prevent the spread of the coronavirus we've been told by government and ...Read more

Twitter's left-wing cabal has crossed a line

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

It's ironic that Democrats and their mouthpieces in media have been pounding the table the past few years about Russia, Russia, Russia and the importance of preserving the integrity of our elections while overlooking the fox in the henhouse of Silicon Valley.

A powerful tech sector, run by ultra-liberal political activists at Twitter and other ...Read more

It's time for Barr to appoint an Obamagate special counsel

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Our democracy is under fire thanks to corrupt officials at the highest echelons of our government -- including members of the Obama administration -- we're now learning conspired with former FBI Director James Comey and other "deep state" operatives to stop Donald Trump from getting elected. And when that election meddling failed, members of ...Read more

Don't let fear destroy our education system

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Going to school is a core function of a civilized society. Yet, due to the coronavirus pandemic that spurred nationwide lockdowns in March, American schools closed their doors. Since then, most of our nation's 57 million children in grades K-12 have been isolated at home, cut off from face-to-face human contact, friends, sports, school ...Read more

A life saved today is another life lost tomorrow

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Something must be conveyed to short-sighted government officials who continue to confine Americans to their homes with extended lockdown orders to mitigate COVID-19: To date, they have destroyed over 30 million jobs, decimated businesses and entire industries and violated a basic human right -- freedom.

Not to mention all our other rights ...Read more

Socialist rent restructuring is not the answer

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Liberals never let a crisis go to waste, and sadly for America's landlords and real estate developers, the current pandemic is no exception.

Far-left lawmakers including members of "The Squad," Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., are exploiting the crisis to advance ...Read more

Dems turning a blind eye to Biden's sexual assault allegations

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Establishment media and the Democratic Party's conspicuous lack of interest in sexual harassment and assault allegations made by a former Senate staffer against Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, speak volumes.

It tells us how dangerously politicized sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement has become.

We're seeing ...Read more


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