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J. Edgar Hoover, not just Robert E. Lee, should go

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

I was Ubering down Pennsylvania Avenue the other day when I passed my favorite Washington location that demands a wrecking ball. It's not a statue to some forgotten slaveholder nor a memorial to some Jim Crow booster -- Woodrow Wilson, for instance -- but a building bearing the name of a racist, anti-communist zealot who, in the name of God and ...Read more

Murdoch's Teflon coating is wearing thin

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Back in 1983, then-Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-Colo., was fixing eggs for her kids when she looked down and got an idea about President Ronald Reagan. She called him "Teflon-coated" because nothing bad stuck to him. The same could be said about Rupert Murdoch. He's the Teflon mogul.

Earlier this year, the Fox News that he controls signed Bill O'...Read more

Putin and Trump: The art of the backfire

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

NEW YORK - When my son was little, I used to read to him from a book called "The Stupids." This decidedly un-P.C. series was about a family of incompetents who managed to screw up the simplest of tasks. I no longer remember what they look like, so pardon me if I envision Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They fit the bill.

The measure of Trump ...Read more

Martin Luther was a flawed figure. But does he too deserve the red paint of protest?

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

It's always the anniversary of something or other. In November, we have the Russian Revolution and the Balfour Declaration, and this week marks the 500th year since Martin Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church with his 95 theses. Given the loopy zeitgeist of our times, I should rush into the street and mark the occasion by defacing ...Read more

General Kelly has tarnished his stars

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Of all the repellent statements issued by Donald Trump or his aides, the one that came out of the mouth of Sarah Huckabee Sanders last week was maybe the most chilling. There she stood, a dead ringer for Aunt Lydia, the severe overseer in "The Handmaid's Tale," asking a White House reporter who the hell he thought he was to question the veracity...Read more

Weinstein is no liberal archetype. He's just a brute.

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

In 2004, I wrote a column about Bill O'Reilly's alleged sexual harassment of Andrea Mackris, one of his producers. Her suit charged that O'Reilly pressured her to have telephone sex with him. Mackris had taped some of their conversations, including O'Reilly's threat that he would destroy any woman who retaliated against him. A transcript of that...Read more

Tuning out the evil

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

I recently cut the cord. I did so because my cable bill was sky high and I knew I was paying for channels I never watched. So I called in Leo, who is my personal help desk , and he figured out what he could do, and then asked if I wanted him to de-cable me then and there. Impulsively, I said yes, and so for a week I had no television at all. I ...Read more

More madness from a shooter, more cowardice from Congress

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

First came Harvey, which flooded Houston. Next came Irma, which barreled through the Caribbean and laid waste to Florida. Then came Maria, which hit Puerto Rico like a huge bunker-buster bomb. Earlier an earthquake shook Mexico City and, Sunday night in Las Vegas, more than 50 people were murdered at an outdoor concert -- another natural ...Read more

Nixon poses a cautionary tale for Trump critics

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Forgive me for starting with a cliche: Beware of what you wish for. I apply it today to the impeachment of President Trump, which is as fervently desired by liberals as it is presently unlikely. Still, with special counsel Robert Mueller raiding homes and the FBI tapping phones, the unlikely is looking ever more likely. Sooner or later, Mueller ...Read more

Common plight helps unite polarized people

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

I once had a very close friend named Charlie. We spent every day together, much of the night, too. I got to learn about his family and old neighborhood, and he got to learn about mine, and then one day I saw him no more. I went my way and he went his, and it has been many years but I remember him still. We had been in the Army together.

What ...Read more

Gary Cohn, a pained but necessary man in the White House

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

EDITOR'S NOTE: Richard Cohen is taking a one week vacation. His next column will move Monday, September 11, for release Tuesday, September 12. Until his return, you are welcome to run ANY of our other syndicated columns in his place, including by writers your publication does not subscribe to. To use a substitute column, first go to syndication....Read more

Trump's erstwhile supporters have much to account for

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

The useful idiots are falling by the wayside. First came a few corporate big shots, and then some more, and then many, many more. Princes of Wall Street, richer and more important than any CEO, also left and then Julius Krein, a conservative intellectual and digital pamphleteer, retracted his support of Donald Trump in a New York Times op-ed and...Read more

Robert E. Lee is worth remembering. Just don't honor him.

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Touch not that statue of Robert E. Lee in lovely Charlottesville, Virginia. Let it stand, keep it handsome and dignified, but around it place plaques telling the curious that the man memorialized there was a traitor to his country who went to war so that white people could continue to own black people -- to take their women and sell their ...Read more

Trump's America is not mine

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Last month, Simon Kuper wrote in his Financial Times column that he was applying for French citizenship. His wife and children, Americans all, had already done so. They live in Paris, so they are not leaving one country for another, but the column made me wonder if I could ever do anything similar. The quick answer is no, but Donald Trump has ...Read more

Who's worse for the nation -- Trump or Pence?

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

Mike Pence is denying reports that he is positioning himself to run for president in 2020 if, for some reason, Donald Trump falls by the wayside or decides that one term is enough. The vice president's denial was so over-the-top -- "disgraceful and offensive," he called The New York Times story -- that had he been on a polygraph, he would have ...Read more

'Dunkirk' is an incomplete film

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

This summer's big movie is "Dunkirk." Since its July 21 opening, it has taken in over $100 million in North America and been hailed by ecstatic critics everywhere. I have seen the film twice, admiring it even more the second time. It is a stupendous achievement, although more than a little odd. It's a war film for the Trump era. It is deaf to ...Read more


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