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I cannot believe the things I have been reading in the preelection media

The closer to Election Day, the more disturbing the news and the hateful, partisan messages appearing in the nation's newspapers. Read or skim through a handful of daily papers from different parts of the country and you will find plenty of news, actual or fake, that will make you wonder whether we have reverted to a bygone era of political ...Read more

Capitalism seems to flourish better under authoritarianism than democracy

I closed a previous column saying that a vote for President Donald Trump is not a vote against communism. Likewise, voting for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket does not mean support for socialism, let alone communism.

Not even Obamacare, the Republican Party's primary target regarding the "socialist" label, comes close to socialized medicine....Read more

A vote for Trump is not a vote against communism

We are accustomed to placing political and economic ideologies along a spectrum that runs from extreme left to extreme right. At one pole, we find communists; socialists are to their right; fascists inhabit the other end. Most people also hold on to the Cold War-era belief that capitalism and democracy are partners, while communism and ...Read more

1989, history's stubborn twists, and the commencement speaker who warned us to remain vigilant

Thirty-one years ago, 1989, the Soviet Empire -- the "Evil Empire," as Ronald Reagan liked to call it -- began to unravel. And two years later, the once-mighty USSR voted itself into dissolution.

Not to claim any prophetic powers, but when I read and saw news in May 1987 that an inexperienced teenage German pilot crossed into Soviet airspace ...Read more

The multi-plagued island of Puerto Rico, its expanding diaspora and the 2020 elections

Puerto Rico is in the throes of a prolonged, seemingly unsolvable, multifaceted crisis. The catalogue of insular plagues is extensive: a $70 billion-plus unrepayable debt; periodic hurricane strikes (like Maria, on Sept. 20, 2017) and scores of earthquakes (almost unheard of before 2020); the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs ...Read more

Latinos in Florida elecciones

As a resident of the greater Orlando metropolitan area, every four years around this time of year, I am bombarded with dozens of media requests for comments on the coming elections. The eyes of American political journalists and some of their colleagues in Europe and Latin America turn to central Florida for clues as to which candidate will win ...Read more



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