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The Epidemic That Will Outlive the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Spiraling Mental Health Crisis Among Our College Students: Part II

The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic have severely impacted America's college students, beyond the physical ailments endured by those who have contracted the virus and the psychological suffering wrought on by its unremitting spread.

College students, as evidenced by scores of surveys and scientific studies, are facing manifold social, economic...Read more

Tucker and the Talking Heads: Anatomy of a Fox News Show Built on Demagoguery and Deceit

I am not in the habit of watching the Fox News Channel, except when investigating what the network is up to in terms of news coverage and commentary.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, March 30, I tuned into "Tucker Carlson Tonight," which, according to Nielsen Global Media's latest report, registered the largest viewership of any prime-time ...Read more

The Epidemic That Will Outlive the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Spiraling Mental Health Crisis Among Our College Students: Part I

My Creators Syndicate biography names education among my fields of expertise; yet, since I started my regular weekly opinion columns in September 2020, I had not written on the subject. I feel compelled to do so this week, addressing what I believe is the most pressing problem in American higher education: the decaying mental health of our ...Read more

Is That a Constitution in Your Pocket?

Some of the most unwavering champions of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights have habitually carried printed copies of the nation's law of the land in their pockets or purses, as the case may be. Among them are individuals ranging from eminent past legislators such as African American former Rep. Barbara Jordan from Texas and former Sen...Read more

Lost in Cultural Translation

As a professor and columnist, I am always on the lookout for information, images and artifacts that someday may come in handy in the classroom, in my writing or just in everyday conversation.

During a trip to China, I huffed and puffed up the steps of the Great Wall, whose construction cost an estimated 1 million lives. I was amused by some of ...Read more

The Schoolboy's Old, Red English Atlas: Part II

When I started working on the first part of this column, my 1966 "Philips' New School Atlas" was holding up precariously. After two weeks of frequent use, its front cover has finally fallen off.

I continue to peruse the atlas, now turning my attention to its polychromatic political maps. While the shelf life of a physical map is a magnitude of ...Read more

The Schoolboy's Old, Red English Atlas: Part I

I have a passionate love affair with books. It's a love I learned from my father, who, many a Saturday during the late 1960s, took me to one of Lima's bookstores. I was not even 10 years old.

Of the couple thousand books in my personal library, there is one that I have held on to for the longest time. It has survived all of my moves and the ...Read more

Happy Valentine's, Mr. Trump: Part II

A quick internet search with the name Donald Trump and the word "love" generates an avalanche of the former president's statements about love: the things he loves ("I love free trade"; "I love Hershey chocolate"), the human objects of his affection ("I love winners"; "I love the poorly educated") and the individuals he loves, from Tom Brady to ...Read more

Happy Valentine's, Mr. Trump: Part I

I assume that I am not alone in appreciating former President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the public eye, the public's ear and the public's hair. After five years (since the start of his first presidential campaign, in 2015) of continuously flowing lies, lawlessness, mean-spirited rhetoric and nonsense, many Americans welcome this reprieve. I...Read more

Hispanic? Latino? Latinx? What's nextx?: Part II

None of the arguments espoused by those Colgate University students back in 1992 convinced me then, nor do they today, that the term "Latino" is better or less controversial than "Hispanic." This is why: The use of the "Hispanic" label by the federal government beginning in 1976, short of an imposition, actually responded to Hispanic leaders' ...Read more

Hispanic? Latino? Latinx? What's Nextx?: Part I

Three decades ago, when the ethnic/race labels "African American" and "Latino" were gaining traction versus "Black" and "Hispanic," I had a conversation with a fellow historian on the subject. When a corporation is playing too much with its logo, he told me, it is a sign that it is in trouble. Whether that is the case for corporations I do not ...Read more

55 hours binge-watching the never-before-seen and the unimaginable (America, Jan. 4-7): Part III

Jan. 6, 12:52 p.m.: Just eight minutes before the joint session of Congress is set to start, dozens, soon hundreds, of rioters breach the first of several Capitol Police barriers.

TV journalists and commentators on CNN and -- click, click -- MSNBC are no longer calling this a protest. Some are speaking in what just a few hours ago were ...Read more



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