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You can support your country or Trump, but not both

By Leonard Pitts, Tribune Content Agency on

It comes down to a binary choice. Either he is a monster or an ignoramus.

Either Donald Trump did nothing when informed that American intelligence believed Russia was paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American military personnel in Afghanistan, or he had no clue, didn’t even know it was going on.

A monster or an ignoramus? Well, if you believe Trump, he’s the latter.

Which makes you wonder if he understands how excuses work. Your excuse is supposed to exonerate you, show you innocent of all charges. His have a tendency to show him thick as a brick, stretching credulity like taffy.

He tweeted a thank-you to some guy caught on video yelling “White Power”? Oh, he didn’t hear that part.

He needed two hands to drink a glass of water? Oh, he didn’t want to mess up his tie.


He said he had the coronavirus pandemic under control? Oh, the death toll could have been much worse.

He suggested injecting household disinfectants as a cure? Oh, he was only joking.

He fired the prosecutor investigating his personal lawyer? Oh, he was not involved in that.

Who can be surprised, then, that Trump has responded to news of Russia putting a price on American heads by saying nobody told him?


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