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Trump framing election as a referendum on white people

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

If you are a regular here, you may have heard this story before. But it bears repeating.

In 1958, George Wallace ran for governor of Alabama against John Patterson, a fire-breathing segregationist. Wallace, though also a segregationist, was considered enough of a racial moderate to be endorsed by the politics/fromtheleft/leonardpittsjr/s-2255840">Read more

It never should have come to this

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

"Hold tight to your anger, don't fall to your fears."

Bruce Springsteen, "Wrecking Ball"

It never should have come to this.

The first responders who, on a September morning 18 years ago, rushed into toxic clouds that once had been the World Trade Center never should have been put through bureaucratic hell. Sick and dying because they answered...Read more

Honorary whiteness must be one powerful drug

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

You had to become an "honorary white."

That was the status South Africa used to bestow upon black performers from the United States who visited the apartheid regime. The O'Jays, Tina Turner, Ray Charles and Eartha Kitt were among those who received that designation, allowing them access to hotels and restaurants from which black Africans were ...Read more

Is the GOP a hate group?

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Here's how The Southern Poverty Law Center defines a hate group.

It is, they say, "an organization that -- based on its official statements or principles, the statements of its leaders, or its activities -- has beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for ...Read more

America is not Donald Trump's house

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Dear Donald Trump:

Years ago, I got to visit Kwethluk, an Alaskan town of fewer than 900 souls. It is an isolated place where the people, most of them Yup'ik and Eskimo, live on what the tundra provides: ptarmigan, moose, seal, salmonberries. I remember standing upon that snowbound landscape and marveling that I was further than I'd ever been ...Read more


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