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Too Stupid to Live

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” — Martin Luther King

Dr. King didn’t know the half of it.

Those words, after all, are from 1963. Back then, the idea of U.S. citizens and lawmakers attacking their own democracy would have been unthinkable, flouting precautions in ...Read more

Let’s Talk About the Things They Will Not Learn

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Let’s talk about the things they will not learn.

“They” meaning K-12 students in Tennessee. Not that the Volunteer State is alone in passing laws and standards to restrict the teaching of African-American history. To the contrary, a number of states — Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and more — have lately done the same.

But Tennessee ...Read more

Is Human Compassion So Hard For Them?

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Gunther Hashida killed himself last week.

We don’t know why. At this writing, we don’t even know how.

What we do know is that Hashida, an 18-year veteran of the D.C. police force, is the fourth cop to die by his own hand after responding to the Jan. 6 insurrection by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol. What we do know, having heard ...Read more

We Can't Endanger the Lives of the Many to Humor the Misconceptions of the Few

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

We were almost there.

That’s the most frustrating thing about the most recent announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that even those who are fully vaccinated against the disease should return to wearing masks indoors in cities that are COVID-19 hot spots. It was only two months ago the CDC said we could put our ...Read more

Memory Fought Back

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

It’s not that we forget.

But sooner or later, news becomes history, and the awful thing that happened loses its power to shock. You remember the emotions you felt, but you don’t re-experience them — not to any degree of sharpness or immediacy.

One day, that will happen to the events of Jan. 6. One day, as was the case with Dec. 7 and Nov...Read more

She is 8 Years Old

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

She is 8 years old.

That’s ... what? About third grade? Too young for boyfriends. Too young for R-rated movies. Too young for algebra or a learner’s permit.

But she has already experienced her second shooting.

It happened a little over a week ago in Washington, D.C., outside of Nationals Park where a ballgame was in progress. But you may ...Read more



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