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Karen’s got a gun, but she needs a book

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

So now, Karen’s got a gun.

To be clear, her name wasn’t actually Karen — it was Jillian Wuestenberg. But Wuestenberg’s behavior — while with her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, she drew a gun on a black woman and her daughter in a parking lot near Detroit last week after she and the girl inadvertently collided — is certainly Karen-like. ...Read more

America faces difficult days, no matter what happens in November

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Even if this ends well, it will not end well.

Mind you, if it ends badly - that is to say, if Donald Trump is returned to the White House in November - America’s likely future will be, in the words of Thomas Hobbes, “nasty, brutish and short.” But the paradox of our predicament is that even if it ends well - Joe Biden becomes the 46th ...Read more

You can support your country or Trump, but not both

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

It comes down to a binary choice. Either he is a monster or an ignoramus.

Either Donald Trump did nothing when informed that American intelligence believed Russia was paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American military personnel in Afghanistan, or he had no clue, didn’t even know it was going on.

A monster or an ignoramus? Well, ...Read more

Donald Trump or America?

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

This is an emergency.

Election Day is little more than four months off, voters facing their most important choice since 1860: Donald Trump or America? It’s a decision that will define the future.

And millions of us wonder if we’ll get to have our say.

Such is the state of things seven years almost to the day since the Supreme Court ...Read more

Meanwhile, back at the pandemic...

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

The death toll now stands at 120,000. The United States, with roughly 4 percent of the world’s population, accounts for about 25 percent of its COVID-19 deaths.

Those states that reopened despite warnings that doing so would cause a spike in coronavirus cases are now seeing — all together now — a spike in coronavirus cases. And Donald ...Read more

Aunt Jemima is off the pancake box

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

“I wish I knew how it would feel to be free” – Nina Simone, 1967

Here’s a knock-knock joke:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Aunt Jemima.”

“Aunt Jemima who?”

“Ain’t yo’ mama on the pancake box?”

Okay, so you’re not laughing. But that joke killed in 1969 on the playground at Adams Junior High. ...Read more

Basketball would distract us from the serious issues we face. And that would be great!

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Dear Dwight Howard:

So I hear you’re not sure you want to come back and play basketball. Your team (also my team), the Los Angeles Lakers, was considered a championship contender before the season was abruptly halted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now comes word the NBA plans to resume a modified schedule on a closed campus at Walt Disney World...Read more

Don’t say, ’I am not a racist’

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

This column is presented as a public service.

A few days ago, Greg Glassman, the founder and CEO of CrossFit, set off an uproar by belittling the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. In a Zoom call with gym owners, he bristled at the idea of memorializing a man whose killing outraged the nation and the world.

“We’re ...Read more

’How can they be called good cops?’

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

For two weeks now, outrage has convulsed America: pundits, preachers, protesters, and at least one “severely conservative” GOP senator all raising their voices to condemn police brutality.

Yet, here’s the startling truth: No one has made a stronger case against the police than the police.

There is not space enough to talk about it all ��...Read more

Amendment has no meaning .... unless

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Those words have no ...Read more

Leonard Pitts: We have a rotten tree

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

After George Floyd became the latest unarmed African American killed by police.

After cars were overturned and cities were burned.

After armies of angry people filled our streets with raw screams.

After all that, a white man with an impressive title went on CNN to explain things. “I don’t think there is systemic racism,” opined National...Read more

George Floyd’s death raises an old question: ‘How long?’

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

“I know you’re asking today, how long will it take?”

Thus spake Martin Luther King Jr. at the end of the Selma to Montgomery voting rights march. He went on to assure his soul-weary people that the moment of their deliverance was just a little ways down the road.

“However difficult the moment,” he said, “however frustrating the ...Read more

With the death toll mounting, Trump keeps tweeting

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Always before, there have been words. Always before, someone crafted them with writerly skill and gave them to the president to give to us. Always, before.

When seven people died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, President Ronald Reagan spoke of how, just that morning, they “waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of Earth’ to ‘...Read more

McConnell, just go ahead and call Obama the n-word

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Dear Mitch McConnell:

Why don't you just go ahead and call Barack Obama the n-word?

You know you want to. It'd probably do wonders for your blood pressure. And it would free you from the tiresome charade of using coded language to say the same thing. It would also free the rest of us from having to listen.

Your latest vomitous spew came last ...Read more

America can still kill itself

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Eighteen-year-old Dameon Shepard was playing video games when the mob came to his door. Some were carrying guns.

It must've felt like one of those old westerns where the sheriff faces down angry townsfolk demanding the blood of the desperado inside his jail. Or, given that Shepard is black and the more than 15 people at his door were white, it ...Read more

Black people are dying to know

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

That video broke my heart. If you've seen it, you need no further explanation. You know exactly what video I'm talking about and why it shattered me. If you haven't, be advised that the clip in question depicts the last seconds in the life of Ahmaud Arbery. He was just 25, a young man out jogging on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Glynn County, ...Read more

We're all in this thing, but that's about it

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

We're all in this thing together.

Or so we are told by celebrities, politicians and every third TV commercial. It's the lullaby with which America soothes itself every time these shores are attacked. That's why Monday, Dec. 8, 1941, saw long lines at military recruiting offices and millions of dollars pouring in to the ...Read more

Hope is what tomorrow is for

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

"Tomorrow, robins will sing."

Stevie Wonder

"Tomorrow there'll be sunshine, and all this darkness past."

Bruce Springsteen

"Hurry, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I need you now."

The Temptations

In other words, tomorrow is the place where things will get better. Tomorrow is where everything turns out all right. It is in America's national character ...Read more

Trump, the king of sarcasm ... not

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Dear Donald Trump:

Man, I have to admit it. You really got me good.

When you looked straight at Dr. Deborah Birx last week and started musing how people might be able to cure COVID-19 by exposure to ultraviolet light or injecting household disinfectants, I thought you were serious. I said to myself: "Wow, Donald Trump just seriously suggested ...Read more

I will not die of stupid

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Someday, I'm going to die.

This, I grudgingly accept. I have no idea how it's going to happen. Maybe I will die of having a tree fall on me, of eating tainted shellfish, or of being struck by lightning. But this much I guarantee. I will not die of having wagered my life that TV carnival barkers, political halfwits and goobers in MAGA hats know ...Read more


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