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Free-Falling Countries

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- One of Donald Trump's stock campaign lines is that the Iran nuclear agreement was "terrible." I'm beginning to wonder if that's true, but in a sense opposite of what he means. Iran has ended up with a much worse deal than it expected. Remember, Tehran entered the negotiations in the heady days of high oil prices. As the Iranians are ...Read more

The GOP's Dueling Revolts

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- To understand why the current conservative crackup so confounds and confuses the Republican establishment, you have to recognize that the party is facing two separate revolts taking place simultaneously: one led by Ted Cruz, the other by Donald Trump.

The first is well described by E.J. Dionne in his important new book, "Why the ...Read more

Can Political Turmoil Be a Sign of Strength?

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

DAVOS -- Conversations here at the World Economic Forum might begin with the global economy, but sooner or later they turn to Donald Trump. The Republican primary contest has gotten everyone's attention. Some remain entertained, but many of the people I've spoken with are worried. As one European CEO said to me, "We're moving into a very ...Read more

I Was Trolled, Here's What I Learned

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Thomas Jefferson often argued that an educated public was crucial for the survival of self-government. We now live in an age in which education takes place mostly through new platforms. Social networks -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. -- are the main mechanisms by which people receive and share facts, ideas and opinions. But ...Read more

America Can't Stop the Sectarian Tidal Wave

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Over the last two decades, the United States has approached the Middle East though its own conceptual frameworks -- dictatorships versus democracy, secularism versus religion, order versus chaos. But the most significant trend shaping the region today is something different -- Sunnis versus Shiites. That sectarian struggle now ...Read more

The Great American Power Shift

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Why is Middle America killing itself? The fact itself is probably the most important social science finding in years. It is already reshaping American politics. The Washington Post's Jeff Guo notes that the people who make up this cohort are "largely responsible for Donald Trump's lead in the race for the Republican nomination for ...Read more

I Called it 'Radical Islam.' So What?

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Radical Islamic terrorism. Apparently, the phrase -- if you can actually say it -- has mystical powers. At Tuesday's Republican debate, the candidates once more took pains to point out that they would speak the dreaded words that President Obama and Hillary Clinton dare not. "We have a president who is unwilling to utter its name," ...Read more

How to Polarize People

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- I think of myself first and foremost as an American. I'm proud of that identity because as an immigrant, it came to me through deep conviction and hard work, not the accident of birth. I also think of myself as a husband, father, guy from India, journalist, New Yorker and (on my good days) an intellectual. But in today's political ...Read more

Misguided Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The most recent act of horrific violence in America -- in San Bernardino, California -- was perpetrated by a Muslim man and woman. There are around 3 million Muslims in the United States, almost all of whom are law-abiding citizens. How should they react to the actions of the couple who killed 14 people this week?

The most commonly...Read more

Isn't Separate Iinherently Unequal?

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The recent controversies on American campuses from Yale to the University of Missouri have been sad to watch. They reveal a country of chasms, in which ethnic and racial groups see, experience and speak of the world so differently. I find it difficult to comment confidently on what triggered the outrage among so many minority ...Read more

Trump and the Republican Crack-Up

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Today's conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump's best days are behind him and that his poll numbers will soon begin to descend. Maybe. But Trump has come to represent something fundamental about the Republican Party -- the growing gap between its leaders and its political constituency. Even if he disappears, this gap is reshaping ...Read more

A Voice of Hope in the Muslim World

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- "The most important contest in the world right now is between the ISIS model and the Tunisian model," said Rachid Ghannouchi, who was visiting New York this week. "It's not between Islam and the West. It's between ISIS and us." Ghannouchi is the intellectual leader of Ennahda, Tunisia's Islamist party that, despite winning the ...Read more

Trudeau and The Power of 'Positive Politics'

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Justin Trudeau's sweeping victory in Canada could be read as one more indication that voters in the Western world are moving left -- and toward populism. The last year has seen the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of Britain's Labour Party. In the United States, Bernie Sanders, a self-professed "democratic socialist," has shaken...Read more

Swooning Over Putin

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Vladimir Putin has America's foreign policy establishment swooning. One columnist admires the "decisiveness" that has put him "in the driver's seat" in the Middle East. A veteran diplomat notes gravely, "It's the lowest ebb since World War II for U.S. influence and engagement in the region." A sober-minded pundit declares, "Not since...Read more

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