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The education of Donald Trump -- and us

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- There are so many unusual, unprecedented aspects of Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office that it’s hard to know where to begin. By his own yardstick, the number of promises unfulfilled is staggering. During the campaign, Trump said he would ask for a bill repealing Obamacare “my first day in office.” He said he would ...Read more

On North Korea: Bluster in search of strategy

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Every American administration takes a while to settle into a basic approach to the world. President Trump’s team has had a rockier start than most, with many important positions in every key agency still unfilled. More worrying, the administration’s basic foreign policy is coming into view and it is not a reassuring sight -- ...Read more

How to Avoid Trump Derangement Syndrome

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- I didn’t really believe that there was such a thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome -- hatred of Donald Trump so intense that it impairs people’s judgment. It’s not that I didn’t notice the harsh, unyielding language against Donald Trump -- I said a few tough things myself -- but that throughout the campaign, Trump seemed to do...Read more

Trump’s Tough Talk is Cheap. Policy is Harder.

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- As international crises and foreign policy challenges mount, the world looks to the United States for a broad, consistent strategy that can be relied upon over time. But Donald Trump’s foreign policy seems to change with every meeting, event and crisis. The president does not deny these constant shifts. In fact, he embraces them as...Read more

Trump Could Fix Health Care

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The recent Republican debacle on health care could prove to be an opportunity. It highlighted, yet again, the complexity of America’s system, which continues to be by far the most expensive and inefficient in the advanced world. But Donald Trump could actually use the legislative collapse to fix health care if he went back to ...Read more

Retreat at Mar-a-Lago: Passing the Baton to China

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- We do not yet have the official agenda for next month’s meeting at Mar-a-Lago between Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. But after 75 years of American leadership on the world stage, we might be watching the beginning of a handover of power from the United States to China. President Trump has embraced a policy of ...Read more

Cyberwarfare is the Real Menace to America

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- This week, we have watched the perfect example of a country fighting the last war. The Trump administration has now devoted weeks of time, energy and political capital to rolling out its temporary travel ban against citizens of six Muslim-majority countries who, according to the libertarian Cato Institute, have not committed a single...Read more

Don’t Stiff the State Department

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The first time I met Gen. David Petraeus, he said something that surprised me. It was the early days of the Iraq War and, while things were not going well, he had directed his region in the north skillfully and effectively. I asked him whether he wished he had more troops. Petraeus was too politically savvy to criticize the Donald ...Read more

The Return of the Center

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- By now it is settled wisdom that we are witnessing the rise of radical forces on the left and right around the globe. Populists of both varieties, who share a disdain for globalization, are energized, and certain that the future is going their way. But the center is rising again, even in the heart of the old world.

Consider Emmanuel...Read more

Forget the Jobs, Enjoy the Trump Circus

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Let’s say you are a Trump voter, the kind we often hear about -- an honest, hardworking American who put up with Donald Trump’s unusual behavior because you wanted a president who would stop playing Washington’s political games, bring a businessman’s obsession with action and results, and focus on the economy. How is that ...Read more

Stephen Bannon’s Ideas -- and His Very Different Actions

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Perhaps it’s just me, but a few weeks into the Trump presidency, between the tweets, executive orders, attacks and counterattacks, I feel dizzy. So I’ve decided to take a break from the daily barrage and try to find the signal amid the noise: What is the underlying philosophy of this administration?

The chief ideologist of the ...Read more

What Does it Mean to Agree with Donald Trump?

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

After his spat with Mexico, after the travel ban, this week Donald Trump did something that surprised me. He put in place a policy with which I agreed. He placed a smart check on ever-proliferating federal regulations. His executive action requires any department that wants to add a new regulation to get rid of two existing ones. It might seem ...Read more

Trump is Beginning to Reverse 70 Years of American Foreign Policy

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- In his first days in office, Donald Trump has begun to reverse the domestic policies of the previous eight years. But with regard to America’s relations with the world, Trump seems far more radical. In word and deed, he appears to be walking away from the idea of America at the center of an open, rule- based international order. ...Read more

In Defense of Globalization

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

DAVOS, Switzerland -- The World Economic Forum this year feels like an exercise in ritual self-flagellation, which -- as with the old Christian practice of fasting and whipping one’s own body -- is supposed to purify the sinful nature of man. The sin, of course, is globalization, which everyone now seems to agree has been lopsided, inequitable...Read more

The Political Briefing on Russia that Trump Should Get

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- I’m glad that Donald Trump will finally get a briefing on the unanimous conclusion of America’s intelligence agencies that the Russian government was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. But he should also request and receive a political briefing on Russia that can ...Read more

Illiberal Democracy in America

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Two decades ago, I wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs that described an unusual and worrying trend -- the rise of illiberal democracy. Around the world, dictators were being deposed and elections were proliferating. But in many of the places where ballots were being counted, the rule of law, respect for minorities, the freedom of the ...Read more


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