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Trump and his minions can't out-leak the FBI

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In 2004, according to journalist Tim Weiner's book "Enemies: A History of the FBI," George W. Bush was confronted by the man he had appointed to lead the bureau: Robert Mueller. In Weiner's telling, Mueller threatened to resign unless Bush curtailed some aspects of the domestic electronic surveillance that was taking place in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Bush reportedly agreed to put the program on a more legal footing.

Now comes Trump. His oafish attempts to neutralize the FBI director he inherited, James Comey -- trying to extract a Godfather-style loyalty pledge, asking him to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn, ultimately firing him -- are potential fodder for what may be an obstruction of justice case against Trump being assembled by Mueller.

Comey wrote everything down. The FBI always writes everything down.

Do you see a pattern here? The idea that the likes of Trump and Nunes are going to put a scratch on the FBI with ludicrous innuendo -- we're supposed to believe the bureau is a nest of Bolsheviks? -- and selectively edited memos would be laughable, if Mueller and his team were the laughing kind. Which they're not.

The Trumpists were so proud of themselves when they found evidence that Peter Strzok, an FBI agent originally on Mueller's team, thought Trump would be a bad president. Now, however, someone has leaked to CNN that Strzok drafted the "October surprise" Comey letter that reopened the bureau's investigation into Clinton's emails -- without which Trump probably would have lost the election.

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Trump and his minions seem to think they can out-leak the FBI. Obviously they haven't been paying attention.


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