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The blood of innocents is on our hands

Eugene Robinson on

It goes without saying that there should be universal background checks for purchasing firearms. But there should also be enforcement mechanisms, with teeth, to make sure that dealers do not sell weapons to individuals banned from obtaining them. And just as there is a mandatory, comprehensive registry of automobiles, there should be such a registry for firearms and ammunition.

To those who spend part of each day scanning the skies for black helicopters, I say relax; the government already knows who you are, where you live, what you drive and how much money you earn. If you're on Facebook, you're probably telling the whole world much more. A week ago, Kelley posted a photo of his assault rifle.

I hear you sighing that none of this, realistically, is going to happen. I respond: But it should.

The United States is alone among advanced countries in having gun policies that facilitate, rather than obstruct, deadly rampages such as Kelley's. The Supreme Court has made clear in its rulings that the Second Amendment permits reasonable gun control measures. This crisis is political, not constitutional.

You and I have the power to elect leaders who will reduce gun violence. The blood of innocents is on our hands.



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