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Joe Biden was brilliantly and gloriously adequate

Dana Milbank on

To Castro: "I have guts enough to say his plan doesn't make sense."

His rejoinders were of varying quality, but Biden accomplished important things: While others attacked him, he repeatedly returned the focus to Trump, he stuck to his moderate positions, and he tied himself closely to Obama. "Everybody is talking about how terrible I am on these issues," he said. "Barack Obama knew exactly who I was. … He chose me, and he said it was the best decision he made."

After one of several attacks by an incessantly nasty de Blasio -- the former vice president smiled and said: "I love your affection for me. You spend a lot of time with me."

De Blasio, who declared "victory" because Biden had changed the position he held on the North American Free Trade Agreement 25 years ago, replied: "We believe in redemption in this party."

"Well," Biden said dryly, "I hope you're part of it."

Not a bad line -- on not a bad night for Biden. In fact, it was brilliantly and gloriously acceptable.


This columnist's wife, Anna Greenberg, works for John Hickenlooper, a Democratic presidential candidate.


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