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For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of ... Donald Trump

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With a straight face, Morgan recalled that Trump was "unable to serve in Vietnam" because of his "bone spur."

"I think I make up for it right now," Trump replied. "Look, $700 billion I gave [the Pentagon] last year, and this year $716 billion" (in taxpayer dollars, not his).

Morgan concluded by presenting Trump with the same style of hat Churchill wore. Trump put it on. The bowler fit!

At Portsmouth, Trump read the D-Day prayer of a man nearly as great as himself: Franklin D. Roosevelt. "Our sons, pride of our nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our republic, our religion and our civilization," he read.

After brief visits with veterans and leaders, Trump flew to Ireland to spend the night at his golf club. He opted to sleep there on both nights of the D-Day commemoration, because, he said of the 400-mile detour, "it's convenient."

The Irish prime minister, declining Trump's invitation to meet him at the Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg, instead met Trump at the airport. There, Trump reported, among other things, that he had "an incredible time" at the D-Day ceremony.


"Is this trip … just about promoting your golf club?" an Irish reporter asked.

The cheek! How could anybody accuse this man of self-promotion?


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