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For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of ... Donald Trump

Dana Milbank on

He and his wife were the "only people at a special ceremony for the new emperor."

He paused the self-adulation long enough to ask: "How am I doing?"

Just great, sir.

Morgan, the 2008 winner of "The Celebrity Apprentice," showed why he earned the sole TV interview with Trump. He asked what Trump's late mother would think of her son.

"She would have been very proud," allowed Trump, who reported that the queen herself "was very honored" to learn his mother was a fan of Elizabeth's.

Does he see similarities between himself and Winston Churchill?


"I would be ridiculed" for saying so, but "I certainly would like to see similarities."

Churchill's "swashbuckling style? His fearlessness?" Morgan prompted. "He was polarizing."

"Well, that's true," Trump admitted.

In a nod to the day's solemnity, Trump described D-Day as a "really incredible" battle, maybe "the greatest battle in history." The best!


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