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There's an easy way for Trump to end all this unpleasantness

Dana Milbank on

Never again would Trump have to worry about the Clitos, or Joe Bide, Elizabeth Warre, Berie Saders or Oprah Wifrey. There is zero chance Republicans replace him with the unknown Mike Pece.

Jared Kushner can't get a security clearance, but Jared Kusher would have a clean slate. Nobody would notice if Trump is criticized by a former adviser named Steve Bao (or Athoy Scaramucci) or has nice things to say about some eo-Azis in Charlottesville. And a frequent Trump target at the State Department will be automatically replaced -- by Rex Tillerso.

There remains one obstacle: How to substitute for all those words taken out of usage by the N ban? But here, too, a solution is at hand: These things can be named for Trump.

One such idea has been offered by Rep. Mike Noel, a Utah Republican henceforth to be known as Cogressma Oel. He has proposed to thank Trump for shrinking two Utah national monuments by renaming a road that goes through Utah's national parks the "Donald J. Trump Utah National Parks Highway." This sceic road wids through Zio Atioal Park, amog others.

Of course, it would have to be the "Doald" Trump highway, but this is a small sacrifice. Roald Dahl had a brilliant career even though born without an "n" in his Christian name. Mr. Presidet, ba the efarious, ettlesome N. It's your last chace: ow or ever.


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