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Women are ready to rain down fire and fury on Trump

Dana Milbank on

When The Washington Post's polling wizard, Scott Clement, ran analyses to control for people's partisan leanings, he found that gender had no significant effect on whether people give Trump credit for the economy. Even after controlling for partisanship, however, Clement found that women were 6 percentage points more likely to think Trump mentally unstable and 9 points more likely to be very concerned about him starting a nuclear war.

This is consistent with what FiveThirtyEight observed this week: Women disapprove of Trump more than men do, regardless of party or race. That is, Republican women like Trump less than Republican men, and black Republican women like Trump less than black Republican men.

Why? A combination of Trump's nuclear threats (women are generally considered more dovish), the instability he has set off at home, and his behavior toward women have left many anxious, angry and activated.

Years ago, in a long line of misogynistic comments, Trump proclaimed that criticism doesn't matter, "as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass."

It's entirely fitting that this man has sparked a mass movement of women poised to deliver a kick to his.


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