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Forget alternative facts. We're now in an alternate reality.

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Something similar is happening now with the nominations of judges. In all administrations since Dwight Eisenhower's (except George W. Bush's) the American Bar Association (ABA) has been vetting prospective judicial nominees' legal qualifications before they are nominated. Now the Trump administration is ignoring the ABA pre-screening, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is no longer waiting to have their professional qualifications vetted before confirmation hearings. The New York Times reports that the White House is "weighing" telling future nominees not to cooperate with ABA evaluators. And this week, the White House issued a news release highlighting an editorial saying "the Senate continues to give the lawyers' guild too much sway."

When the Trump administration and congressional allies aren't attacking the JCT and the ABA, they're attacking the CBO -- the Congressional Budget Office, the bipartisan arbiter of how much legislation costs, now led by a Republican appointee. When White House budget director Mick Mulvaney earlier this year didn't like the CBO's "score" of health-care legislation, he asked: "Has the day of the CBO come and gone?"

Now, some Republicans are attempting to do the same to the special counsel. After Robert S. Mueller III's recent indictments of Trump campaign advisers, three House members introduced a resolution calling for Mueller's resignation.

And of course, there is Roy Moore, who has responded to voluminous accusations of impropriety with children by attempting to discredit the press -- dovetailing with Trump's "fake-news" attacks.

Should Moore make it to the Senate, we can expect worse. He openly defied the U.S. Supreme Court when he was a state judge, and he has made clear he believes the Constitution is subordinate to his interpretation of God's law.


As Trump and his allies lay waste to their own rules, the media, the CBO, the ABA, the JTC and the courts, let's ask ourselves: After they've disqualified all arbiters of truth, what will we have left?


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