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An IQ test for President Trump

Dana Milbank on

CIA officer: [Rolls eyes.] Mr. President, please look at this diagram. If in each turn the red diamond moves two places counterclockwise and the black spade moves three places clockwise, after how many turns will both shapes be together?

Trump: [Stares dumfounded at diagram.]

CIA officer: Maybe a letter puzzle would be easier? In this drawing, Mr. President, which letter is directly above the letter that is three letters to the right of the letter that is directly underneath the letter M?

Trump: [Presses button on desk.] Ivanka, can you come in here? Right now?

CIA officer: [Pulling out clumps of his hair.] Moving on to anagrams. The letters found in the words "towering stud" can be rearranged into what common phrase found on U.S. currency?

Trump: President Trump?

CIA officer: Actually, we were looking for "In God We Trust." I think you'll like this next one, though. Steve usually beats George at golf but loses to Donald. Tom wins most of the time against George, and sometimes against Steve, but cannot beat Donald. Who is the worst player?

Trump: Hillary? No, wait! Jeff Sessions? No! Jemele Hill? No! Mitch McConnell? No, wait!

CIA officer: Thank you, Mr. President. We'll give the results to Vice President Pence at tomorrow's intelligence briefing.


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