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Nobody knows what Trump is doing. Not even Trump.

Dana Milbank on

The president: Why don't we bomb Guam so the North Koreans can't?

The secretary of state: That's part of our country, sir.

The secretary of defense: We have thousands of troops there.

The national security adviser: And 150,000 innocent civilians.

The chief of staff: It would be a humanitarian and strategic catastrophe.

Ivanka Trump: Please don't do this, Dad.

Jared Kushner: [Silence.]

The president: It's settled. We begin bombing in five minutes. Let's hit Hawaii, too. But not my hotel in Waikiki.

The unreliability of Trump has put an unusual burden on Congress, which is ill equipped to bear it.

Outside the House caucus gathering the morning after Trump's immigration announcement, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an immigration hard-liner, angrily opposed legislative action for the dreamers, saying they can "live in the shadows" and demanding GOP leaders not "divide our conference over an amnesty act."


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